I made a terrible miscalculation.

When this blog had just started, the plan was to move old entries to a numbered subdirectory on New Year, and start over. It took me a surprising amount of time to realize that would break all the links so far. Oops!

My next idea was to leave old entries in place and start over in a numbered subdirectory instead. Too bad that would mean the newsfeed in this directory would never update again, leaving readers who are already subscribed to it thinking the blog had been abandoned. Oops again!

(I could set up a redirect, but it's easy to lose track of those and mess up somewhere down the road.)

Good thing it was already decided to slow down as of this year, because I seem to be stuck continuing right here. Oh well. This shouldn't become a problem for another four to five years if my new calculations are correct. And by then this blog will have existed for enough time that rebooting it would make sense anyway.

Until then, I'd like to make 2019 the year when we all become more thoughtful about our online presence, as opposed to spouting half-baked quips on corporate social media designed to keep us enraged, pardon, engaged for the purpose of selling more ad space on our backs. That could mean returning to old-fashioned blogs. Or it could mean innovating on the concept. Hopefully not for the sake of innovation though, because just like books, the now-familiar blog format is damn near close to perfect.

Thanks for sticking with me so far. With any luck, things will only get better.


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