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My name is Felix. I am a freelance (read: starving) artist, writer and programmer based in Bucharest, Romania.

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You can contact me via one of the following services. Scan the QR code on the right for my e-mail address.


With my blog on the way out, I'm still going to need a place to post the occasional short thought that's too long for the link log. For the past few months, I used the wiki for that, but that didn't feel quite right. Well, thanks to a new development, they now live on their own journal page; you'll find more explanations there. Enjoy, and keep following this feed as well, because it's still where site-related news will be posted.

After months spent chasing other hobbies, I'm back on my usual bullshit with yet another tool to help people make websites, except a somewhat novel formula for a change: AntiWiki, a mirror universe version of my web app from last August. Click through for more details and an early version to test. Cheers!

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