Manual page and a fix

Gaaah! I can't believe the download link for the latest version has been broken for almost three weeks! Good thing I finally got around to writing the manual. Head over to the download page to see. Otherwise, not much changed; Statickle 1.2 performs perfectly well in production and does everything I need for now. It still needs a read-me file in the archive, so people know where to send feature requests or whatever.

A not-so-great thing is that I'm starting to see a fundamental problem with static site generators: they simply deal poorly with even moderate amounts of content, let alone a lot of it. Good thing I had already decided to slow down, because my blogs couldn't take much more in any event. Various tricks can help, but ultimately the typical SSG is a dead end. More research is in order, but frankly? Might as well buckle down and just make websites in whatever way.

At least this particular blog is tiny and likely to remain so. See you around.

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Out of beta

Okay, this should be the last one for a while. Because this is 2020, it's now possible to enter alt text for the site logo in config. On the other hand, if you want to add an image for link previews, that's up to you. Or a page icon, for that matter.

Also, after trying a few different ways to speed up the loading of raw content, I only managed to make it even slower, while code quality got worse. So that's a no. Besides, it loads like 10 posts a second, if not more, and that's on my PC from the other decade. How fast should I want it?

Last but not least, as no new bugs showed up since last time, I decided to take it out of beta. Enjoy Statickle 1.2 and see you, uh, when I manage to write some documentation.

Edit: meanwhile I figured out why loading raw content is already as speedy as it can be. With the modern practice of writing each paragraph as a single long line (letting word wrap do its job), splitting at blank lines only doesn't have any real advantage, and adds overheard on top. What does help is keeping post summaries short, assuming the theme lends itself to it.

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One after another

Didn't expect to have another release after just one day, but migrating my other blog revealed yet more issues, then I had an idea, and one thing led to another. Version 1.1 is now up, and has a bunch of changes:

  • the Description field in post/page metadata is now honored (good thing it wasn't documented yet);
  • post slugs are now escaped properly in more places, just in case;
  • a copy of the Ramus theme, as seen on my personal blog, is now included as an option.

The last change requires a bit of an explanation. It's now easier to switch themes because assets can be given as:

  - "*.css"
  - "*.png"
  - "*.jpg"

or indeed the single glob pattern "*.{css,jpg,png}" that's now the default. That should cover most common cases, so you shouldn't need to change it for every new theme anymore. As a bonus, existing config files should still work.

Next: metadata improvements, and then hopefully some performance tuning. Stay close!

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First site, first beta

Told you there were more bugs to fix. As of 30 July, Statickle no longer crashes on posts or pages with a bad modification date, and tags are sorted for a change. They're still kind of weird about case sensitivity; for now, simply avoid having two tags that differ only in letter case. And speaking of tags, I finally made it so that a post with no tags doesn't show an empty "Tags:" line anymore. That was a very silly mistake.

Amazing what a little stress-testing can reveal. And since I'm unlikely to do any more of that soon, might as well bump the version number to 1.0 beta. After all, Statickle already powers my personal blog, following a successful data migration yesterday.

It's alive! Aliiive! Ahem. You get the idea.

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Options ahoy!

Early update! After a shorter break than expected, I'm back with the promised command-line options and a little more error checking. As the additions haven't seen much testing, Statickle remains in alpha status for now.

In unrelated news, server logs show a fair number of visits to this page, so: hello! Thanks for checking out my newest toy. It's coming along, promise. Next I should probably try to at least put a README in the package, so people can contact me more easily. A manual page will have to wait.

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The very first release

I was too tired last night to write this: exactly 10 days after development started (and two decades since last using Tcl in any real capacity), Statickle has its first public release! It's probably fragile, and only works in one fixed way, so beware. At the last moment, I gave up on trying to write a second script to setup new projects, and instead opted to simply package Statickle together with a starter bundle of files. Code comments will have to be updated, but at least I only have to do it once now.

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Self-hosting milestone

Not ten days since coding started, Statickle is able to generate all the files that make up a blog, which makes it self-hosting. Now comes the real work: finishing up some missing details, adding command-line options and other settings, and making the whole thing a lot more robust. But hey, it's alive! And now I can use it to update people.

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Current status

As of this writing, Statickle is able to generate its own index page and not much else, but the foundation is laid down and things should progress much faster soon. Implementation notes to follow once the source code is at least somewhat presentable; meanwhile, a few words on what there is to do.

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Hello, world!

Welcome to Statickle! As the name suggests, this is yet another static site generator. It's inspired by other, older tools with a similar bent, and aims to cover specific needs, as opposed to reinventing the wheel. More to follow.

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