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The Wiki Nodes Project aims to create a fabric among wikis which allows users to traverse the universe of all wikis via topically related links. The original project is now dead, but the torch is carried by WikiIndex, a related project that further groups wikis by language, wiki-engine, edit mode and topical tags.

Points of Interest

Welcome to Felix Writes, a personal mostly about fantasy and science fiction. While you're here, be sure to check out:

WikiNodes of my neighbors

  • The No Time To Play wiki contains my articles about game development.
  • IFWiki, a hub of the interactive fiction community; I have my own page there.
  • Shifti: a wiki dedicated to transformation fiction and their authors.
  • The wiki and blog of Alex Schroeder, a developer with deep insights into Internet communities and politics.
  • TV Tropes, a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction
  • MobileRead Wiki, a collaboratively edited resource about e-books.