Digital Thoughts Blog

Digital Thoughts is the name of my former personal blog at the now-defunct My Opera. Over time, some of my posts there have attracted a bit of attention. I'm mirroring them here as the service is no longer online as of March 3rd, 2014.

DigitalThoughts / When Dumpster-diving Is Called Theft

This little piece of news blew my mind, and not in a good way. It appears that in a small town from the American state of Utah, taking things others have thrown out is now treated as theft.

Read that again. I did, several times. There had to be a mistake, right? How can you "steal" stuff someone else has thrown out? That's like, "what? someone actually needs that thing I thought was garbage? I want it back!" Entitlement culture driven right past its logical extreme and into the absurd!


DigitalThoughts / Our Energy-scarce Future


In a couple of cyberpunk short stories I wrote in 2012, I postulate a future in approximately 50 years when the world is facing the triple crisis of energy scarcity, food scarcity and large scale societal breakdown driven by overpopulation. And you know, readers told me my vision of the future is too pessimistic. But apart from the fact that I am, of course, unable to actually predict the future, I say my expectations are in fact plausible. Here's why.


DigitalThoughts / Slow Down

We're living an increasingly frantic life.

My friends don't have time to go out for a beer anymore; it's work, work, work every waking moment. Car traffic is getting absurd; on most days, I'm waiting for minutes to cross each and every street. My retired mom has business in two-three different places on most days.


DigitalThoughts / And you thought "wage slave" was a metaphor

You know all those science-fiction movies where prisoners wear a shock collar or other device that can be used to monitor where they're going and electrocute them if they try to escape or do anything else their guardians disapprove of? Such as expressing dissent?

Well, according to an Irish newspaper (and I hope they don't sue me) it's no longer sci-fi. Well, apart from the electrical shocks, thankfully. But imagine being fired because you've spent more time in the bathroom than prescribed by a constipated boss, after years of working your ass off. That would come as quite a shock, don't you think?


DigitalThoughts / Has Google jumped the shark?


You know, it occurs to me that Google is making mistake after mistake as of late: