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Newsprint theme for Pelican

Download Newsprint (12.5K)

Newsprint is a light gray theme for the Pelican static site generator, with a sidebar on the left. It's very lightweight, and doesn't use any images or scripts. Pelican's own settings are honored wherever possible.

This theme is made for Pelican 4.0 or newer; I have no idea if it works at all in older versions. Most features are supported, even auto-discovery for category and tag feeds.

The templates are based on a heavily modified version of the Simple theme as shipped in the Debian 10 package. Hopefully that doesn't create licensing issues.

To use, copy the whole directory as-is to a suitable location (I keep it in the project directory) and point Pelican at it.

To do (as of 16 September 2021): support for the OpenGraph plugin.


Newsprint is free and open source software under the Artistic License 2.0 (included in the package). Also see the read-me file for how to ask or offer support.