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Plain old webpages still matter
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Distributed social networks: a personal survey
My overview of alternatives.

Bludit themes

Newsprint theme
Minimal, black-and-white theme, with two colums and sidebar on the left.

PmWiki skins

These are general-purpose web page templates that happen to ship as skins for the PmWiki engine. Thanks to the simplicity of the format, you can easily adapt them for other uses.

Newsprint template
Minimal, scalable design in black and white.
Fiction template
Scalable design with a library theme.
Wikimagination template
Fluid design with girly colors.
Wikimagination 2 template
Elegant design with a striking custom font.
Leatherbound template
Fluid design with an Old West sort of vibe.

OddMuse Wiki stylesheets

The OddMuse wiki engine doesn't allow to change the HTML it emits, but only the CSS stylesheet applied to it. Hence why these ship as just one CSS file.

Leatherbound stylesheet
Single-column design with an Old West sort of vibe; a port of the PmWiki skin of the same name. Supports FAQs, footnotes and comments.
Electronic stylesheet
A recolor of Leatherbound made to look (retro)futuristic instead.
Wikimagination stylesheet
Fluid design with girly colors; a port of the PmWiki skin of the same name. Supports a sidebar (untested), FAQs, footnotes and comments.

Older stylesheets

WabiSabi stylesheet
Single-column design similar to Fiction, named after an experimental wiki engine.

Weasel CMS themes

Electronic Weasel
Single-column design with a retro-futuristic look inspired by 1970s electronics.


The old SPAG Magazine
(as graphic designer)
(as consultant, programmer and webmaster)
No Time To Play
(as editor, webmaster and co-author)
(as programmer and advisor)
Soft Records -- Music matters!
(as programmer, consultant and webmaster)