Cozy (web)comic catalog

Webcomic listings usually come in one of two forms: giant exhaustive catalogs, or else personal favorites in the form of a banner block, with no explanation of why you might like them. With my catalog, I'm trying to strike a middle ground.

Disclaimer: The categories and qualifications below are subjective. E.g. what is and isn't manga is a matter of nuance, and I'm no expert. But if it's listed, it means I like it, or at least used to.

(Content warnings are incomplete and inconsistent; reader discretion is advised.)

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Table of contents


Wish & Will (LGBT)
In a fantasy world where magic users are enslaved, a young man buys himself a very spirited bodyguard, and love is soon to follow. Just in time: war is about to start, and the enemy is very close indeed.
A queer story about family and purpose, with obvious Undertale inspirations.
Sister Claire
The surreal adventures of a little nun in a science-fantasy setting that's as scary as it's colorful. Tackles mature topics, but with kindness and humor; long-running.
Crypts and Cantrips
In a fantasy kingdom, a young scribe is unexpectedly sent on the grand adventure he was dreaming of. D&D fan comic. LGBT-positive. Relatively new as of 2018-09-20.
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (LGBT)
The hilarious life and adventures of an Underdark monster community and their surface friends. Mature; frequent nudity. Also long running, with parodic moments and social commentary.
Two Kinds
Human, furries, magic and nudity in a world of dark conspiracies. Possibly NSFW at times. (CC-BY-NC-SA license)
Slightly Damned
They're outcasts in the afterlife, and lost in the world of the living. Whimsical, silly and very very moving. (CC-BY-NC-ND license)
Ashface's Daugther
It's a peaceful village in the middle of nowhere... except the chief is a powerful lich necromancer, the elder a legendary orc warrior, and it's downhill from there. Hilarity ensues.
Hard SF comedy, social critique and mysteries. Three strips a week like clockwork since 1998!


She's a candy girl in a candy land. Quite literally, in fact. She lost her memories, but found superpowers, and many friends to help her fight against a tyrant.
Questionable Content
Slice-of-life with science fiction elements, mostly about AI; very intelligent. Occasional gross humor.
Sequential Art
Surreal slice-of-life/adventures with a bunch of talking animal roomies (plus one human) who keep running into supernatural and sci-fi threats.
Las Lindas
Manga science-fantasy... soap opera... with furries. Expect all the usual cliches and gratuitous fanservice galore.
Legendary Woodsman (Abandoned)
Ninjas, aliens and giant robots mix up in a fast-paced adventure that doesn't fit into either genre. CC-BY-NC license.
Altermeta (Abandoned)
Slice of life with teenage anthropomorphic dragons in a science-fantasy world. Occasionally mature and/or surreal.
Flaky Pastry
Hilarious slice of life with three supernatural roommates in a crazy world. Pokes fun at real life, fantasy cliches and occasionally videogames. Weird and smart.
Awesome Hospital (Finished)
Medical drama; surreal, weird, humorous and moving.
Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life (Abandoned)
Surreal adventures of a globetrotter in a messed-up version of our world.
Gene Catlow (Discontinued)
What begins as a furry parable of racism grows into an epic string of adventures involving AI, cosmic entities and a technological singularity in the making. Long-running; good cartoon art.


The Wizard of Quippley
Humorous high fantasy adventure. Abandoned as of 27 November 2021.
Blue Milk Special
Darth Vader has a Star Trek coffee mug. Princess Leia uses Twitter... a lot. And Luke is still clueless. Need I say more?
The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom)
The Cthulhu Mythos pantheon versus dumb cultists. Hilarity ensues.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
What if videogame characters had to live in the real world, with jobs and everything? Abandoned. (NSFW!)
Hilarious (and often gross) dismantling of fantasy cliches. Intelligent humor. NOT for children.
Doomed to Obscurity (Finished)
Surreal jokes about computer nerds. Whimsical graphics.
The Noob
Goofy MMORPG parody; irregular updates.
Dog Eat Doug
A toddler and his dog; hilarity ensues.
Mimi and Eunice
Humorous critique of "intellectual property" and related topics.
Das Leben is kein Ponyhof
Journal webcomic about a geeky female cartoonist and her imaginary friends. Only in German as of October 2022. (CC-BY-NC-ND license)
The Trenches (Abandoned)
Slice of life with a crew of MMO developers.
The Boxed Set (Abandoned)
Life of a megalomaniac pet lizard.
The Raccoon's Den
A surprisingly funny journal webcomic with furries. Abandoned as of November 2018.
Haha-only-serious programmer humor from France (I think). All too real, all too often.
Cube Drone
More programmer jokes. Weird at times, good often enough. Abandoned as of 8 March 2020. (CC-BY-NC-SA license)
Doc Rat
Slice of life about (and by) an Australian doctor. A comedy, but with very dramatic moments. Technically furry; more of a fable, really.


Saffron Wave
Magical girl comedy set in Ancient Crete.
Little Tales
Hilarious journal webcomic with furries.
Eerie Cuties
There's a new student at the supernatural high school. Hilarity ensues. Oh, and total chaos. Did I mention the hapless teenage slayer? (Overlaps considerably with Magick Chicks.)
Magick Chicks
Three undercover witches enroll at a magical high-school, where the girls are incredibly competitive. Sexy shenanigans ensue. (Overlaps considerably with Eerie Cuties.)
Bugsport (Abandoned)
A stereotypical middle-class American family moves to a town full of gray aliens. Utterly hilarious.
Darths and Droids
The Star Wars prequel trilogy retold as a tabletop RPG campaign. Photo comic. Meanwhile expanded to cover the original trilogy, and now Rogue One.
Ménage a 3 (NSFW)
Hilarious slice-of-life with sex-obsessed nerds. Lots of gratuitous nudity.
Shortpacked! (Finished)
Somewhat absurdist slice-of-life set in a toy store; lots of nerdy and gay references.
Weregeek (On hiatus)
Just what it says on the tin. Think about it for a moment. Possibly abandoned as of 2022-01-11.
I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle
Slice-of-life with a newbie (and unwilling) genie.
Gronk (Abandoned)
Slice of life with a cute monster adopted by a geek girl.
My Sister the Freak (Finished)
Just what it says on the tin. Children's sci-fi.
Girls in Space (Archived)
The adventures of three air-headed girls through space and time. Warning: British humor. Occasional cartoonish nudity.
Red's Planet (Archived)
The adventures of a little foster home girl abducted by aliens.
What happens when three kids befriend each other... a vampire, a slayer and a lycanthrope. Hilarious.
The goofy, whimsical misadventures of a heroic, but ditzy amazon in Ancient Greece who is also a single mother. Mature.
Slimy Thief (Abandoned)
Slightly NSFW adventures of an elf afflicted by an... unusual curse. Generic fantasy setting.
Co-ed life as a MMORPG. Or the other way around. Abandoned as of May 2015.
Urban Underbrush (Finished)
Two talking rabbits obsessed with explosives, looking for work. You think that's weird? Meet the humans!
Red Space Blues (Abandoned)
Hilarious adventures of a ditzy girl in a company of futuristic mercenaries.
Sabrina Online (Finished)
A shy geek girl finds a tech job at an adult film company. What could go wrong? Hilarious slice of life; mature (but 100% safe for work). Started in 1996!
Furthia High (Abandoned)
He's the last human in a world of furries, and he's just starting highschool. Whimsical, sometimes weird, always hilarious. (CC-BY-NC-SA license)
Swords and Sausages
Two hapless thieves in a furry fantasy world. What could go wrong?
College Catastrophe
Finished slice of life with furry college roommates.
Mock Girl
A trans girl and a rich one accidentally end up roommates. Hilarity ensues.
Aww, Feathers!
Yet another slice of life with furry college students in the religious US Midwest, with themes of tolerance.


Goofy superhero comedy with manga influences. Lots of fanservice.
Evil Plan
The supervillain's new assistant is more than he bargained for. Whimsical and funny. Finished as of 2020-01-27.
The Hero Business (Finished)
It's all about the show nowadays, but all is not as it seems... Pokes fun at every super trope in the book. Finished as of May 2023.
Love and Capes (Finished)
Being a superhero's significant other is difficult... for both of them.
Epic Escape
What happens when even superheroes are affected by the recession?
Evil Inc.
It's like Dilbert, but with villains and heroes instead. Often hilarious. Mature, too.
Ink Pen
A bunch of misfit supers and their non-adventures.
Heropotamus (Discontinued)
A little girl's imaginary superhero friend.
La Muse (Finished)
Breath-taking deconstruction of superhero and post-singularity stories in a self-contained graphic novel.
Kiwi Blitz
Near-future mecha story from Germany. Robocop meets Spy Kids, with a dash of Ghost in the Shell. Abandoned as of 11 August 2021.
The Specialists (Recommended)
It's WW2, and racism, sexism or ableism are bigger enemies than the Axis with their superpowered goons. But that's what heroes are for.
Union of Heroes (Abandoned)
European superhero comedy photo comic.
Johnny Saturn
Traditional superhero story. First issue was positively stunning.
Scar Tissue (Finished)
A young man receives a new heart... but it comes with superpowered strings attached.
Blue Yonder
A superhero finds himself a fugitive... and he's not alone. On indefinite hiatus.
In a grim alternate reality, British superheroes fight to hold together a human civilization on the brink of collapse.
Star Power (Finished)
She's just a humble intern on a remote space station... until she's turned into a super. And just in time, too. By the author of Dominic Deegan.
The Justice League at the age of 8. Deep, subtle, expressive, humorous.
Supernovas (Abandoned)
When a radiation bursts strikes a small American town, four teenagers become the most powerful superheroes. But they can't let anybody know...
The Young Protectors (LGBT, finished)
A supervillain seduces a superhero. Is it for real, or is it a trap? Are the two even mutually exclusive? Mature, NSFW in places.
Ghost Kiss
Superhero comedy about life, love and saving the world on a daily basis when you have a useless power. Mature, with LGBT content; abandoned as of 30 July 2019.


After Daylight
What's a friendly neighborhood vampire to do when everyone is suddenly out to get him?
Vampirates! (Discontinued)
Manga supernatural slice-of-life with gay vampire pirates. (Serious!)
Love is in the Blood
Horny vampires playing Indiana Jones (formerly Abandon: First Vampire).
Walking in the Dark
A city plagued by supernatural events? Or the ramblings of a tabloid editor? Abandoned as of 30 January 2022.
Memento Vivere
Slice of life with vampires, based off World of Darkness lore.
Only Half
Vampires brought about the end of the world... but that was only the start of trouble.
Midnight Menagerie
He's young, he's rich, and he has a new friend. One who's only around at night... But there are more dangerous people out there.

Space Opera

She just wanted to see the universe, but got a lot more than she bargained for. High-adventure space opera, funny and endearing.
Alien Adventure Team
A girl sent away from a world at war finds herself lost in space, among suspicious aliens caught in a web of conspiracies... and transformed. Whimsical art, fairly serious story (except when not).
Brilliant space opera comedy with a complex, intelligent storyline and many hidden depths.
Second Empire (Finished)
What happens if you cross Dalek fan fiction with a Star Wars parody? Why, hilarity ensues! Also, a gripping story full of genuine drama, and some very moving moments towards the end.
Quentin Quinn, Space Ranger
Tales of the Questor author Ralph Hayes pulls an Elfquest and moves the action into the far future. Hilarious spoof of space opera cliches. (CC-BY license!)
Zap! (Finished)
Ha-ha-only-serious space opera adventure. Rebels, psionics and conspiracies.
Crimson Dark (Finished)
Space opera / cyberpunk war story; rotoscoped 3D graphics, good characters and drama.
Well-drawn space opera. Blue-skinned space babes FTW! Updates infrequently.
Dreadnought Invasion Six (Finished)
Little space opera time waster.
Spacial (Abandoned)
Space opera; whimsical graphics, nice story.
Terra (Finished)
Humans are the evil empire. One rebel, trained by an honorable alien, leads a fight for justice.
TOSS (Abandoned)
The (mis)adventures of a starship crew in the 23rd century. Humorous Star Trek fanfic.
Space Pulp (NSFW, finished)
Whimsical, yet mature, space opera story. Violence / nudity warming.
Phoebus Krumm (Finished)
An Age of Sail swashbuckling adventure... in spaaace! Exotic far-future setting.
Star Trek: the webcomic
Episodic Star Trek fan fiction. Sort of an alternate universe, starts during the first Romulan War.
Intergalactic Truckstop (Finished)
It starts out as a parody of Elite (the videogame), but soon grows an intriguing storyline with transhuman themes. Whimsical art.
Closer to Home
First Contact destroyed humanity, and the few survivors are treated as slaves... unless they band together to fight back.
USS Tamerlane
Star Trek fan fiction set during the Klingon Cold War. Abandoned as of November 2018.
Enterprise-G (Finished)
Star Trek fan fiction drawn in the style of the animated series. Tech-level suggests a post-Voyager era, but it's unclear; some liberties taken.
Turn Back the Sun
Fan adaptation of cult classic movie Space Mutiny.
Celestial Chronicle Shion
In the future, humanity fights a galactic war against cruel space dragons with mystical powers. But all is not as it seems.
Bark Trek
Affectionate Star Trek parody with talking animals.


Centralia 2050
She wakes up with no memories in a city ruled with an iron fist by a mysterious corporation. She has a mission though... and soon, friends.
Center World
An ex-cop starts a new life on a corporate space colony... and promptly runs into a case bigger than anyone's interests. Cyberpunk, but not gritty.
Afterlife Blues
Far future cyberpunk thriller. By the authors of A Miracle of Science. On indefinite hiatus.
The Assemblers
In a world of ruins, is rebuilding an act of vandalism? Highly unusual cyberpunk. Finished.
Danger Zone One
Shameless manga full of gratuitous fan service about a rookie cop in a dangerous futuristic city.


The Junky Hyenas Diner (On indefinite hiatus)
Two mutant brothers eke out a living on a junkyard planet. Humorous comic by the authors of Two Kinds; CC-BY-NC-ND license.
Transpose Operator (Abandoned)
Humans battle robots in a post-apoc setting. Unusual, with horror undertones.
What It Takes
Gritty post-apoc drama.
In a post-apocalyptic world, warring religious factions send superspies against each other. Dark.
Manga about a young couple trying to survive in a demon apocalypse, with the help of magic and visions.
Gifts of Wandering Ice
Russian webcomic about teenagers in love gearing up to rebuild civilization from a long past disaster.
Bicycle Boy
An amnesiac cyborg wakes up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Trouble soon follows. But it turns out he has a higher purpose.


Cross the Skies
A pirate princess. A dashing thief. A conniving empress and her deadly plot that they have to stop. With magic. Trains. Airships. You get the idea.
Girl Genius
Over-the-top adventure and political intrigue in a surreal, over-the-top steampunk version of 19th century Europe. The first webcomic ever to earn a Hugo Award.
2D Goggles
Steampunk parody of real life, well rooted in actual history and very intelligent. Abandoned as of October 2018.
Two rival kingdoms. Steampunk. Magic. Conspiracies. And a kid caught in the middle of it all. Abandoned as of 3 January 2021.
Maiden of the Machine
In an alternate 19th century with steampunk tech, two women struggle to raise above the stifling rules of society. Abandoned as of 8 December 2021.
The Glass Scientists
Werewolves, cuteness and mad science in Victorian London. Also family drama, and gender issues.
La Macchina Bellica (Archived)
Steampunk fantasy slice of life. Kind of manga.
Impure Blood (Finished)
Steampunk, conspiracies, an ancient evil... and a freed gladiator may be the key to it all.
Ivy and Max (Abandoned)
A mechanic girl and her father in a not-so-friendly steampunk world.
I, Mummy
Pulp mystery and adventure with a rarely seen setup: the future as envisioned in 1900. Abandoned as of February 2020.


Four kids walk into a haunted house. Things turn scary and dangerous in no time flat. And that's just the start of a story with worrying ramifications. Abandoned as of November 2020.
The Phoenix Requiem (Finished)
Horror Victorian manga romance.
Furry webcomic adaptation of the eponymous novel. On indefinite hiatus.
The Ghosts of Pineville
A trio of kids discover that ghosts do exist... in their neighborhood.
Twilight Lady
It's a world of spirits, clarvoyants and strange beings from alien dimensions. But who is good, and who is evil?
It seems a peaceful little American town where nothing unusual ever happens. Until it does... and only a couple of kids know anything.

Urban fantasy

(Just for the pedantic out there, this is technically contemporary fantasy. But the term "urban fantasy" is better known.)

Novae (Recommended)
Paris, 1672. Two young men meet under the tutelage of a famous astronomer, and promptly develop an interest for each other. Tasteful boy's love manga with high-quality art.
How to Be a Werewolf (Recommended)
She's been a werewolf for two decades before meeting another of her kind... and now they're barging into her life.
Skin Deep (Recommended)
There is a world of furries and magic right under everybody's noses... and anyone could be part of it without knowing.
Somewhere in the desert near Las Vegas lives a race of elusive bird people who don't like being found out. But sooner or later somebody always does. Abandoned as of 4 September 2022.
Year in Hereafter
A fantasy story inspired by Finnish myths as portrayed in the Kalevala. High-quality. Abandoned as of 4 March 2022.
Two ditzy angels end up banished to Earth after messing up in Heaven. Hilarity ensues as they try to adapt... then it all turns to horror as dark events set into motion. Abandoned as of 24 June 2021.
Demon Street
Whimsical story of kids trapped in a fantastic world that's invading our own. Abandoned as of 8 March 2023.
Firefly Cross (Finished)
An ancient struggle between the forces of light and darkness rekindles in a near-future world... which is by now too complex to separate into camps. Warning: depictions of gore and cold-blooded murder.
Demented (Abandoned)
Hilarious yaoi parody of paranormal romance cliches. Possibly NSFW.
Sorcery 101 (Finished)
Urban fantasy drama with vampires, werewolves, magic, the whole thing.
New town, new school, new friends and bullies... but what are those things he's seeing?
At Arm's Length
Magical girl stories meet Bewitched... with furries. Surreal, parodic adventures with little regard for the fourth wall.
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
Adventures of two paranormal investigators who deal with the really bizarre cases. On indefinite hiatus.
They think he's crazy because he sees things. But the two aren't mutually exclusive. Monsters, religion and gore, manga style.
Rapturous Arcane
A bus accident she doesn't remember... and now strange things are happening around her. A supernatural story.
Cherry (Archived)
What happens when a boy ends up in a school for magical girls? A good mix of drama and comedy, with constant breaches of the fourth wall.
Magic, spirits, rebels and intrigue in a fantasy setting with Art Deco aesthetics. Abandoned as of .
Code Name: Hunter
A return-of-magic story in a furry version of our world. Humor, drama, fantasy and a bit of history.
Locus (Finished, NSFW!)
Graphic violence and nudity in a very dark version of our world. Not for children, the squeamish or devout Christians.
The Crooked Kind (Abandoned)
An incubus and a gorgon become partners in a police force that secretly protects humans from supernatural threats. Funny/serious bishōnen story.
Monster Soup (Recommended)
What starts as yet another parody of urban fantasy cliches soon turns into a deep, multifaceted story with complex characters and excellent art.


Rising Sand
Adventure and drama in a dying desert world ruled by a cruel god. Dark fantasy with a sword-and-sorcery flavor.
Ten Earth-Shattering Blows
Fast-paced sword and sorcery adventure that seems to have a twist every few pages.
Battlepug (Finished)
Surreal sword-and-sorcery adventure.
Parodic sword&sorcery adventures with no respect for the fourth wall. Non-explicit nudity abounds.
Sword and sorcery with a sassy female protagonist who happens to be an orc gladiator. Tries to honor the work of Frank Frazetta.


A Wheel Story
Aptly self-described as a buddhist-fantasy webcomic. Refreshing and delightful, but also heavy sometimes, with themes like depression, self-harm, suicide attempts and death. Officially discontinued as of 14 November 2021.
Root & Branch
A young elf leaves her secluded forest home on a quest. But alone among humans fearful of magic, whose language she barely speaks, her travels are full of danger. Low fantasy with Irish inspirations (I think).
Of conquests and consequences
A young prince is captured in battle, and never ransomed. Now he must learn to live among the strange people of a faraway country. Excellent worldbuilding and well-handled story that tackles many real-life issues.
The Book of Three
If J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard had worked together on a story... it would still lack the feminine touch that marks The Book of Three. Brilliant and heartwarming.
Leif and Thorn
The story of a gay romance in a fantasy world rife with magitech. Also humor, sly references, social commentary, language barriers and other things you don’t see often. All in a queer-positive (and others-positive) setting that doesn’t take itself very seriously.
Snow by Night (Finished)
The story of two thieves in a Colonial-era fantasy world.
Digger (Finished)
Epic fantasy adventure replete with drama, social commentary and bittersweet humor. Second webcomic ever to win the Hugo award.
Order of the Stick
Stick figure fantasy adventure/comedy; intelligent humor; some nerdy references. Characters are in a D&D game and aware of it.
Rusty and Co. (Recommended)
A mimic, a rust monster and a gelatinous cube walk into a dungeon... Thoroughly parodies fantasy roleplaying cliches.
In a city on the waters with a mysterious past, dreams and hopes are not welcome. But the world at large is dangerous as well.
The Blank Scroll
Two ditzy yet resourceful girls hunt for dangerous artifacts in a fantasy world with just the right blend of familiar and different. Funny and smart.
Shai Away
What if a quest to free the gods and save the world was an intimate, personal affair? Weird, profound, unique fantasy comic. On indefinite hiatus as of 31 January 2020.
Twisted Mirrors (Finished)
In a fantasy world of humans and furries, a nobleman and a slave magically swap places. Suddenly, nothing else is as it seems, either.
Chasing the Sunset (Abandoned)
Two young elves. A young dragon. A crazy pixie. Ha-ha only serious adventures that subvert fantasy cliches.
Tales of the Questor
Exceptional worldbuilding brings forth a world of furries and humans, magic and religion, science and superstition. Adventure and social commentary abound. (CC-BY license!)
Looking For Group
Ha-ha-only-serious fantasy; originally a MMORPG parody, has grown into a complex, original story.
Inverloch (Finished)
Fantasy manga about an inter-species conflict.
Dominic Deegan, oracle for hire (Finished)
Realistic adventures in a magical world: an epic saga.
Wooden Rose (Finished)
Manga fantasy romance/horror.
Wayfarer's Moon
Traditional high fantasy adventure.
Finished fantasy manga.
The Bean (Abandoned)
Traditional fantasy story; endearing characters.
LaSalle's Legacy (Finished)
Whimsical, light-hearted high-seas adventures in a magitech-laden world.
Dark events are afoot in the kingdom... A tale about loyalties and doing the right thing.
The most powerful mages plot to get even more power... just as hell is about to break loose. Whimsical graphics, serious story.
In a brutal world on the brink of war, a crazy princess of thieves and her noble undead guardian wander into conspiracies.
Skull Kickers (Finished)
A pair of burly, witty mercenaries in a fantasy world.
A naive drow (pardon, drae) girl goes to a magic academy in the surface world. Problems aren't far behind.
True Magic
Five young farmers set out to upturn an age-old caste system. Luckily, mostly everyone is just as clueless as they are.
The Black Orb
A princess choosing adventure over marriage may find more than she bargained for. Whimsical fantasy romp.
The Dark Blossom
In a fantasy realm, a crack team of investigators is sent overseas to untangle a mystery. A manga on indefinite hiatus.
Cast across dimensions during a magical battle, what is a poor dwarf supposed to do? On indefinite hiatus.
Just Another Day (Abandoned)
The travels of a young exile in a fantasy world.
Runewriters (On indefinite hiatus)
When people are paranoid about magic, one can't really afford to miscast spells.
Kitfox (Abandoned)
In a realistic low-fantasy world, a young hedge wizard discovers that adventure isn't all that's cut out to be. Furry.
Desigaspring (Abandoned)
Yet another parody of fantasy gaming cliches.
A fantasy pirate story, sadly abandoned.
Two Hearts
When a young human healer rescues a dark elf from slavers, trouble quickly follows. But now they're stuck with each other, for better or worse. Officially discontinued.
The lives of two young men clash when a mage on a mission recruits a stable owner's help, and won't take no for an answer... Gaslamp fantasy with manga influences.
Children of Eldair
Three ordinary girls are transported to a fantasy world threatened by dark forces.
Xylobone Tomes (Abandoned)
A lich and their familiar go on a quest across planes of existence. Things take a strange turn soon after. Very unusual use of an ISO-standard fantasy setting.
Geeks & Goblins
A group of players who barely know each other go fantasy roleplaying. Personalities clash, hilarity ensues. Deeper and more complex than it seems.
Abandoned as of April 2023.
Sold bride
A princess is forcefully offered in marriage to a conqueror, to secure peace. But she might fit better in her new home than the old one. NSFW for full frontal nudity and mature subject matter. Finished as of 31 July 2019.
An ancient evil rises again just as mistrusting nations go to war against each other, and few people can be counted upon to make a stand... or a difference. Fantasy with manga influences.
The Wide Ocean
A princess from an Arabian Nights tale. A tribal shark-person. A deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Adventure.
Medusa has superstrength and a heart of gold. She's best buds with Pegasus (who can talk). Also kind of a ditz. Hilarity ensues.

Other SF/F

Mystery, drama and humor in a noir fantasy setting where swords, magic and vampires coexist with gumshoe detectives... and aliens.
Tales of Midgard
Magical adventure meets political intrigue in a magitech / steampunk world with strong JRPG influences.
Albert the Alien (Finished)
The cute adventures of an alien kid in a school exchange program on Earth. Funny, smart, endearing.
A young, idealistic country witch; her mischief-making cat; their hilarious misadventures. Delightful open source comic with great art and writing.
Yesterday Bound
Dark far-future sci-fi I can only describe as Tank Girl meets Firefly. Great art. Pokes fun at old cliches. Violence, partial nudity and LGBT content.
Tales of Aer (Finished)
Feel-good fantasy adventure set in a world where flying cats and talking horse people are the least strange creatures.
White Noise
There are many worlds. Spirits. Demons. Shapeshifting. Magic. And humans are waging war on all of them. But only the innocents end up suffering. (LGBT content.)
Tistow: Small Trolls
A kid introduces his best friend to the fantastic creatures who live deep in the forest... Fabulous art, beautiful story. Archived.
Two thieves in a gaslight fantasy world are hired to steal a mysterious artefact. Things don't exactly go as planned.
Hard SF drama featuring Jenny Everywhere.
Iothera (Abandoned)
Love, science and intrigue in an alternate universe with science-fantasy trappings. Brown, lesbian and transgender protagonist. Adult warning for nudity and sex scenes.
Alice Grove (Finished)
A post-singularity story done right, by Jeff Jacques, the author of Questionable Content.
Quantum Vibe (Finished)
A far future tale of science, intrigue and adventure in an exquisitely built transhuman setting.
Escape from Terra
A grand tale of rebellion, freedom and personal responsibility. Long-running; officially discontinued.
In the distant future, humans and AIs battle over what's left of the Earth — and it's not much. NSFW due to violence and nudity.
Luna Star (Finished)
She's not a real girl... and with war breaking out people are even less trusting than usual. Modern sci-fi with classic sensibilities; prequel of sorts to Datachasers.
Kick Girl: Mystery Babylon
An immortal demon... a prophecy... and a naive temple boy on a quest. Hilarious manga story.
A Miracle of Science (Finished)
Hard SF/post-singularity; police drama/romance with manga influences.
A Distant Soil
1980s science fiction revived as a webcomic. Psionics and shapeshifters. Mature; occasionally NSFW.
Alpha Shade
Biplanes, flying battleships and magical creatures. Apparently discontinued.
Busybee Comics
Unity (good! posthuman science fiction with furries) and other stories. Whimsical graphics, varied genres.
Alternate reality Cold War story. Retro-futuristic drama. Seemingly abandoned as of mid-May 2020.
The Revolution (Abandoned)
Rebels on the run face a mystery in a magitech universe.
Shockwave Darkside (Abandoned)
A future war story. Has a 3D version, using anaglyph glasses.
iMew (Finished)
Beware of cheap smartphone clones, they might be magical catgirl makers... Furry transformation manga.
Carribean Blue (Finished)
A bunch of catgirls, a tropical island resort, an ancient prophecy and an epic battle against evil. Furry transformation manga.
Generation 17
They woke up with no memories in a high-tech prison run by robots. NSFW (because of nudity) furry adventure. On indefinite hiatus.
Imperial G.E.L.F.
In the Terran Empire, Genetically Engineered Life Forms haven't been enslaved for a generation. But racism still lingers. (By the author of Furry Experience.) On indefinite hiatus.
Ties that bind (Abandoned)
In a world of magic, those who can't wield it are considered less than human. But not everybody agrees.
164 Days
In a world where science is overtaking magic, there is still room for mysteries and adventure.
Manga adventures of an amnesiac bounty hunter in a dystopian world.
UTC — Urgent Transformation Crisis
A tale of mad science, identity and outward appearance.
The Last Cowboy
Three months after the first Moon landing, the aliens made contact. Now humanity's future is at stake.
Ava's Demon
A teen and a ghost find their destinies enmeshed in a tale of galactic conquest and revenge. Unusual format.
Waking Galileo (Abandoned)
In the near future, human-animal hybrids can be created on demand. And they turn out to have a mind of their own.
Gemutations: Plague (Finished)
Welcome to the future. We have cyborgs, human-animal hybrids... and a horrifying lack of ethics. Mature.
O Human Star (LGBT, finished)
He created the transhuman future... but being brought back to life in it doesn't go down easily.
Operation: Reboot (Archived)
A trio of teenagers move into a house surrounded by weird legends. And there's more than grain of truth.
She's a furry with rare mystical powers; he's an alien human boy with blue hair. Together, they search for the ancient secret that binds their destinies together. Humorous fantasy superhero adventures.
Artifice (LGBT, finished)
When you build killer robots so close to human, is it a surprise when they turn out to be people? Romance and drama in space. NSFW in places.
A hapless stage magician in the making is caught into a series of humorous adventures. Turns out, not all magic is fake...
Abby Normal (Abandoned)
So, a zombie girl, a ghost and a brain in a jar walk out of a research facility...
Neon Glow
Ghostbusters meet Pokemon in an affectionate parody of manga cliches. LGBT romance looming. Abandoned as of November 2018.
Castoff (Recommended)
A kid with strange glowing eyes. A bounty hunter with an agenda. An empire with a dark secret. Fantasy drama in a painterly style, ongoing as of October 2022.
A tale of lesbian pirates in a historical fantasy setting. Officially discontinued.
Brother Swan
Spacefaring magic users jostle for domination across many worlds, and a cursed girl whose parents were just killed is the latest pawn in the game. Good manga-like.
Sunset Grill
Slice of life with, well, low-lives doing what they can to survive in the slums on a backwater colony of humankind's space empire... except there's a twist. Abandoned as of July 2020.
Kyoni: Wanderer
Magic, demons and monsters mingle with space travel and technology ranging from the Wild West to cyberpunk. In the middle of it all, a girl leaves home on a quest... and soon runs into trouble.
Guilded Age
It's a fantasy world in the throes of change, and a band of outcasts are trying to stop a devastating war. But what is going on behind the curtain? Replete with humor and social commentary; arguably mature.
The Dreamer (Abandoned)
Time travel romance / historical adventure.


Spurs and Stripes (LGBT, finished)
An emo teen has to work on a Texan ranch in the way of community service, and he's badly out of place. But life goes on, and one may even find love.
Worlds Apart (Finished)
Family drama with British college students; mature, with LGBT content and depictions of substance abuse.
Khaos (Finished)
Finished slice of life with queer adolescents; mature themes. Possibly NSFW at times. Excellent use of multiple viewpoints.
Ink Dolls (NSFW)
Adult slice of life in a retro, lighthearted style. Explicit, but hardly graphic. Abandoned as of 24 August 2021.
No Need for Bushido
Hilarious, yet affectionate parody of Japanese samurai epics, with a deep complex story and amazing character development.
How I Killed Your Master
A wuxia story.
Monsieur Charlatan
Between the wars... in France... the life of a failed, suicidal detective suddenly turns interesting.
I.C.Q. (Abandoned)
Slice-of-life with three young people learning to be roommates. Furry, with surprise (and gratuitous) NSFW moments.
Cut Loose (Finished)
Adult slice-of-life about women and relationships... of any kind. Tasteful, but NSFW. Did I mention it's furry?
Herogirl Comics
Whimsical journal webcomic, mixed in with a fantasy adventure. Manga.
A schoolgirl rescues a puppy from an abusive owner, and befriends a boy on the same day. Lifes becomes interesting all of a sudden. (Abandoned as of 20 August 2019.)
Cheap Thrills (Abandoned)
Mature family drama with furries. Tackles sensitive topics such as substance abuse.
Furry Experience
Slice-of-life with furry college girl roommates. Mostly comedic; some serious talk of religion, society, relationships.
Exquisitely researched and drawn Prohibition-era story with anthropomorphic cats. Very cute and humorous, with occasional non-graphic violence.
It's the stories of the Brothers Grimm, but not as you know them.

Portal fantasy

Two worlds separated by a magical barrier. A demon-hunting army. A mysterious opposing faction. Caught in the middle, a girl just out of high school and her best friend... who has a secret.
Dei Umbra
Teens with superpowers are fighting a religious dictatorship in an alternate reality.
FanFyria I (Finished)
Cute little story with JRPG aesthetics, about artistic inspirations and fantasy worlds.
Last Traveler (Abandoned)
When is a portal fantasy not much fun? When finding yourself in another world automatically makes you a ticking time bomb that everyone wants to get their hands on, either to destroy... or use.
Title Unrelated
It's just a patchwork family in a small US town... until strange things begin to happen. Strange people, old mysteries, and now this portal.
Mysteries of the Arcana
Dimension-hopping science-fantasy adventure; some humor and mature side themes. Abandoned as of 13 August 2019.
Peter Pan (Finished)
Delightful comic adaptation of the original story.


Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space
Affectionate spoof of 1930es pulp sci-fi. Occasionally NSFW. Archived.
Defender Zik
Fast-paced pulp adventures of a snarky space explorer.
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant
What's a young man to do when an unlikely adventurer storms through his life? Delightful historical pulp adventure.
Ellie Connelly
More humorous pulp with a female protagonist, this time an unlikely adventurer.
The Rainbow Orchid
"Realistic" pulp with detailed retro-style graphics. Treated as a preview of the print version.
Five Mighty Damsels
Softcore science-fantasy adventure that blends adult material and genre fiction surprisingly well. NSFW for obvious reasons. Definitely not for minors! Abandoned as of 20 December 2021.


Crow Jane
Dark, gory supernatural Western. A sassy bounty hunter keeps finding trouble in her quest for revenge. Worse, old family drama is catching up.
Goth Western
Weird West story with a strong (in a good way!) female protagonist. Finished as of 22 June 2018.
The Tale of Jasper Gold
Good old-fashioned Western, except with furries. Nice line art. Abandoned as of 19 November 2021.
Plume (Finished)
Weird West? adventures of a girl and her supernatural protector.

Other lists

Many, if not most webcomics come with a list of the authors' favorites. Apart from those, there are some exhaustive lists out there:

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A larger list, well-categorized, that tries to focus on marginalized creators.
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