ClinkLog requires Python 3.7 or later and can use the pytz module; see notes.

There are two editions of ClinkLog, that differ in the number of web pages they output: the Lite edition lacks archives, so only generates a handful of files. It's also not fully compatible. Please double-check the included documentation.

ClinkLog 3.0 (22K)
Clinklog Lite 1.0 (21K)

Note: recent releases no longer include the import script for old ClinkLog 1 databases (see below). You can still get it from the ClinkLog 2.2.1 archive:

ClinkLog 2.2.1 (24K)

Both editions are open source under the MIT License. Source code is mirrored on Codeberg:

ClinkLog 2 repository
ClinkLog Lite repository

Any feedback is welcome.

Release notes

Clinklog 3.0 was released in March 2024; it backports numerous improvements from ClinkLog Lite. Beware of changes in the theme format and configuration file. More news in their own section:

Project news