AntiWiki ships with sensible defaults, as well as a built-in template and stylesheet. All you have to do is open it, type a few words and export. Remember to save if you want to resume work on your new site later; all the data and settings for a wiki are kept in a single file.

Exported pages support a good deal of customization.

Speaking of export, you have to choose an existing directory. AntiWiki will save one HTML file for each page in your wiki, leaving anything else alone. You can have any number of images, stylesheets or other files on the side.

Wiki syntax

To format text, you can simply use HTML, but AntiWiki also helps you with a few things:

You can also start a line with #title to change what is displayed:

#title Usage instructions

Other tricks to make web pages easier are built in.

Hidden pages

As of version 1.2, pages can be hidden, which only means they don't get exported with the rest anymore. This can be useful in several different ways, for example to keep drafts.