Wikis are wonderful, but nowadays hosting and security can be a problem. There are wikis that work as a native app on your computer, but they export to the web poorly if at all. With the right skills you can handcraft web pages; it's easy and fun, but gets tedious after a while.

Enter AntiWiki: a text editor that lets you create wikis made of as many pages as you want, and export them as a website with a common layout, navigation and so on. You can upload the result to any web host, or open it in your browser straight from disk.

Screenshot of a desktop application showing a list of pages down the side of a text editor, under a toolbar and menu. There aren't any icons.

AntiWiki is very small and light; it's also very simple, and won't hold your hand much.

At a glance
Features Limitations
  • graphical user interface
  • low resource consumption
  • quick, flexible export
  • manual and preset page sort
  • easy-to-remember markup
  • flat structure only
  • no template conditionals
  • simplistic wiki links