History of a Star Trek Club

This is an unofficial history of the Star Trek Club the way I recall it, so if you find anything wrong here, please don't shoot. Just contact me so I can fix it. I've got the information about the period 1998-1999 from Cristina Săvescu and Traian Bădulescu (last updated: ).

In January 1995, Ion Ionescu, an american investor of Romanian origin, is the guest of Mihai Bădescu's TV show Exploratorii lumii de mâine ("The Explorers of Tomorrow"). Relying on his experience with the Star Trek fan clubs in the United States, he suggests founding such a club in Bucharest.

On October 6, 1995, our first meeting takes place in a former movie theatre.

(I can't speak for the others, but on this first meeting, I knew that my life was to change completely and forever. I was right.)

At the beginning, our activity consists mostly in watching and discussing science-fiction movies (more or less famous). The first two issues of Quadrant, the club's journal, are also released during this period.

In February 1996, we get kicked out for economic reasons (a science-fiction club is not much of a bussiness, you know). Soon after, thanks to the same Mr. Mihai Bădescu, we find shelter at Ecran Club, home of the CSPSF (Center for Prospective Science and Science-Fiction).

From now on, we begin to discover our talents, especially in the fields of writing and graphics. Thanks to our colleagues Ana and Tudor Pălăghiţă, the Quadrant becomes a real publication, making our creations known throughout the SF community in Bucharest.

On July 5, 1996, Mr. Ion Hobana launches his book Enigme pe cerul istoriei ("Mysteries on the sky of history") during a club meeting.

In August 1996, we get to attend for the first time to the Atlantykron summer camp; our club becomes the big revelation of that summer:

On the next edition of Atlantykron, Star Trek effectively becomes the motor of the camp, organizing more successful competitions. Our colleagues Cristina Săvescu and Claudiu Tufan also win prizes for short story.

The 26th Quadrant, released in October 1997, turns out to be the last, the cost of editing it becoming too high for us.

The convention Picnic la marginea galaxiei ("Picnic at the edge of the galaxy") takes place in november 1997. Organized by us, with the Planetar and the CSC, this meeting becomes a huge success.

Between April 27 and May 3, 1998 we and the Planetar organize a visual arts exhibition at the "Amiral V. Urseanu" astronomical observatory, with the participation of 13 authors from all over the country.

The second edition of the "Picnic..." takes place between September 4 and September 6, 1998.

Since the spring of 1999, Star Trek has ceased to function. Most of its former members gave up. The rest of us are now to be found in the Planetar.

Chris Chimoiu and Luly Petrescu get their best short stories published in the collection Arca Îmblânzitorilor de fantasme - Euro-Vida M publishing house, 2000, anthology by Ştefan Vida Marinescu and Mihail Grămescu.