Sci-fi by Felix

Afterlife by Night

Book cover depicting a giant hourglass in an abstract landscape, under a starry sky.
"Great. Death is telling me not to worry."

There's a power struggle in the Afterlife, and newly deceased Anton lands straight in the middle of it. But is the Grim Reaper just a disinterested friend and mentor, or does he have ulterior motives?

Afterlife by Night (2013) was my first attempt at self-publishing: a paranormal novella inspired by old dreams, with themes of mortality and finding purpose. While not intended as such, it's probably suitable for young adult readers, as violence is minimal and entirely non-graphic, language is clean, and the story straightforward.

Cover art by me, based on original work by Drew Perttula (used with permission).

You can download it from Smashwords or read it online right here:

As of March 2021, you can also find it serialized on ComicFury.