Roleplaying as Felix

Tales of Space and Magic

Book cover depicting a futuristic spacecraft hovering over a magic circle, against a starry sky.

The date is sometime in the far future. The place is somewhere in the galaxy. Welcome to my world. Here you can become anyone. Say, a wizard battling cyber-zombies in the corridors of a starship, en route to a colony reliant on dieselpunk tech. Or a space marine gunning down vampires for the glory of the Star Party and its beloved leader. How about a minotaur trying to escape a high-tech Labyrinth governed by a mad AI? All that and more can happen in The Tales of Space and Magic.

How is that possible? Use your imagination. Briefly put, this is a roleplaying game — essentially, make-pretend for adults. Friends gathering around a table on a hot summer evening to tell a story together. Exactly how to play is outside the scope of this book, though I'll give some pointers towards the end. For the most part, my goal is to immerse you in the setting and all its wonders.

The Tales of Space and Magic exist mainly as short stories, published for free or a low, low price in various places online. This book simply collects all there is to know about the setting in one place, along with some exclusive background information. My goal is to show you the main options and how they fit into a whole, so you can do your own thing on this playground while remaining internally consistent.

Besides, some people enjoy simply reading about fantastic worlds and universes. Hopefully you'll find mine entertaining.

Tales of Space and Magic is a science-fantasy setting for roleplaying games in a 32-page PDF – essentially, a mix of new space opera and explicit fantasy elements such as magic, dragons and vampires. It's based on several published stories, including a short novel. While there is a chapter on freeform roleplay, and a sample adventure, you're welcome to adapt the setting to your own game system. (E.g. the magic is largely compatible with D&D5e rules, except the spells are freeform.)

After a long delay, the second edition is out as of August 2023. What you get:

A wiki of the setting is also available. It leaves out the game rules and sample adventure in favor of other exclusive information.

More formats are available from, along with the first edition.

Table of contents

  1. Setting overview
  2. Transhumans
  3. Magic
  4. Technology
  5. The Midway Stars
  6. How to play
  7. Sample adventure

And that's about all for now. Enjoy!