Roleplaying as Felix

Gamebooks & Goonies

Stylized black-and-white drawing of a little person dressed as an adventurer and carrying a spear or wizard staff.

Gamebooks & Goonies is an RPG rule system for gamebooks, CYOA and similar. It's mainly designed for single-player computer games, but still described in terms of real dice and the like. It's also a very small game of only 1000 words.

The rules belong in the 2d6 family, meaning all rolls use just a pair of six-sided dice, with modifiers.


  1. Game structure
  2. Success and failure
  3. Abilities
  4. Character creation
  5. Combat
  6. Magic
  7. Rest and healing
  8. Character advancement

To do

Credits and license

Gamebooks & Goonies is a hack of Tunnel Goons, by Nate Treme, and offered under a similar Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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