Alea — mobile dice roller

Alea is a simple RPG dice roller for feature phones. More specifically, it requires a device with Java ME support (MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1 for the technically inclined) and a dedicated D-pad. Essentially any modern feature phone should work.


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License and credits

Alea is made by Felix Ple┼čoianu and provided under the MIT License. The dice images are based on a public domain photo from Wikipedia. The icon is also public domain, from


All I have is a Nokia E51 (now E5), so yeah, it works on my machine. :P Compatibility reports will be greatly appreciated.

Android users might want to try this J2ME Runner.


As of 2011-09-26, I've massively improved the startup speed, this time the right way and not through a stupid trick.

Reviews says: Perhaps the most intuitive and visual Dice-roller of all those caught. (article in Russian)

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