May 2023

Sailing boat rescued by the Götheborg

Imagine losing your rudder out at sea and sending out a distress call. And then the largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship in the world comes to your rescue. Or in the words of the sailors on the sailing boat: "This moment was very strange, and we wondered if we were dreaming. Where were we? What time period was it?"

This all happened off the coast of France last week. To our knowledge it is the first time that an east indiaman, and the first time for Götheborg, to engage in such a rescue. Now we also have the images and story from the sailing vessel that was rescued.

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December 2021

Research: Wreck of last US slave ship mostly intact on coast

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May 2016

Clothing from 1600s Shipwreck Shows How the One Percent Lived

First thought to belong to an English lady-in-waiting, the lavish silk clothing from a 17th-century Dutch vessel is just one of many mysteries surrounding the last voyage of the Palmwood Wreck.

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