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How Do You Decolonize The Golden Age Mystery? Read More Historical Fiction!

Our view of any age is limited by what the writers of that age can see of it, and no writer ever has access to all of it at once.

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The time SUSE, the German Linux company, banned mentioning Jewish holidays.

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Black cosplayers are tired of being told who they can and can’t portray

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The race to save indigenous languages using automatic speech recognition

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The History of Whitewashing in Comic-to-Screen Adaptations

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I Do Not Want to Write Today: A Comic

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A group is threatening legal action & demanding payment for use of the bisexual pride flag

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My Culture is Not Your Toy: A Gay Japanese Man’s Perspective on Queer Eye Japan

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Why LGBTQ+ Representation in Webcomics Is So Game-Changing for Queer College Women

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This Webcomic Librarian Is Protecting LGBTQ Stories

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Ships On Ships: Noella Whitney Talks ‘Broadside’

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How Hollywood Whitewashed the Old West

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Artists Respond to DC’s Harley Quinn Contest

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Captain America in a turban

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