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AMD and Nvidia leaks show we are drunk on power, and the hangover is going to be brutal

The planet may burn but at least the end will be ray-traced at 8K

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Giant Rodents 'Invaded' a Wealthy Gated Community. What Happened Next is a Lesson for Cities in the Climate Change Era

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Why I Broke Up with Firefox

Mozilla’s decision to allow people to donate to them in cryptocurrency really turned me off.

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Media Websites: 70% of the Carbon Footprint Caused by Ads and Stats

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Ten Million a Year

If the pandemic so terrified us that billions of us retreated into panicked cocoons for months, what can explain or justify our blindness and indifference towards the ten million lives ended each year by the repeated inhalation of smog?

Like I said many times before: We chose to be terrified by the pandemic. It was a choice.

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Nations are overusing natural resources faster than they are meeting basic human needs

Funny how countries remain deficit in the way of... things like human rights, that don't require any natural resources to be used up. And how investors keep building luxury apartments that sit empty while the poor lose their homes.

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La montagne de déchets électroniques pèsera cette année plus que la Muraille de Chine

"As of this year, the mountain of electronic waste will weigh more than the Great Wall of China."

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Better air is the easiest way not to die

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Study supports link between traffic-related air pollution and mental disorders

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Journalists, you need to start taking the climate crisis seriously!

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The Climate Trail: A bleak look at what awaits us if we fail to address climate change

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How Antarctica’s Only Native Insect Survives the Freezing Temperatures

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Moscow’s Protected Landscapes

My home town, Moscow, has earned its reputation for abandoned industrial zones, flashy business districts and traffic jams. Visitors are often surprised to discover that it is also a green city.

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Zombie climate sceptic theories survive only in newspapers and on TV

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La production de pétrole du groupe Total décline pour la 8ème année

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