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The Rot Economy

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From barristers to refuse collectors, Britons strike en masse

Workers are livid that employers are refusing to pay more against the backdrop of wage-crushing inflation.

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Comparing the costs of generations

Gen Zers and millennials are paying nearly 100% more for their homes than baby boomers did in their twenties

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Ross-on-Wye readers are cautious of a cashless society

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Baromètre des ventes juin 2022 : quand la bérézina devient une terrible habitude

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No need to declare captured Russian tanks, other equipment of invaders as income – NAPC

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The UN responded to Elon Musk's challenge to prove how his wealth could tackle world hunger by revealing a $6.6 billion plan

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Want to See a Modern Country Commit Suicide? Take a Hard Look at Britain

Tags: uk, economics

Do Americans Know What a Massive Ripoff American Life Really Is?

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Brexit is Destroying Britain — And Britain Still Can’t Face It

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What is money, really? And why Bitcoin is not the answer (even if blockchain is brilliant & potentially helpful in democratising money)

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The miracle of the commons

Far from being profoundly destructive, we humans have deep capacities for sharing resources with generosity and foresight

Tags: environment, economics

Natural disasters cost the U.S. a record $22 billion in 2020

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The Great Covid Class War

The pandemic has created the perfect pretext for enacting economically destructive policies.

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Musicians And Other Artists To Get €325 Per Week In Universal Basic Income Scheme

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A B.C. research project gave homeless people $7,500 each — the results were 'beautifully surprising'

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Why Are We So Quick To Scrutinise How Low-Income Families Spend Their Money?

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On Odious Debt

Tags: middle ages, economics

Universal basic income seems to improve employment and well-being

Tags: work, health, economics

UCSC Grad Students Are on Strike for a Living Wage

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Cars Make Your Life More Expensive, Even If You Don't Have One

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The Psychological Impacts Of Poverty, Digested

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Scientists find that tin found in Israel from 3,000 years ago comes from Cornwall

Tags: antiquity, economics

Basic income is paving a path to freedom in Kenya

Tags: africa, economics

Empty trains on the modern Silk Road: when Belt and Road interests don’t align

Tags: china, trains, economics

Trump’s recession risk rises

Tags: america, economics

Half of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?

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The Tragedy of the Tragedy of the Commons

The man who wrote one of environmentalism’s most-cited essays was a racist, eugenicist, nativist and Islamaphobe—plus his argument was wrong

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Death Star Economics

Tags: climate, economics

Basic Income: Canada’s Trial Had a Huge Effect on People’s Health

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Cyclists Spend 40% More In London's Shops Than Motorists

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Japan's Hometown Tax

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Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise

A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change.

Tags: economics, science, politics

Am I the Face of the New American Middle Class?

Tags: america, economics

Britain’s politics and politicians are unhinged and the economy is in trouble

Chris Johns: Just wait until austerity-fatigued voters have to live through a Brexit-driven economic slowdown

Tags: uk, economics, politics

Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere

You can’t understand what Trump’s doing to America without understanding the “Carbon Bubble”

Tags: economics, politics

The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists Afloat

Tags: art, fandom, economics

I was a quadrillionaire in Zimbabwe, but could barely afford to buy bread

Tags: africa, economics

What the west can learn from Japan’s “lost decades”

Roland Kelts wonders whether Japan-style stagnation would really be so bad in the west.

Tags: japan, economics

Recession in Russia, revolt in Venezuela? The knock-on effects of tumbling oil prices

Tags: energy, economics

Irish children are dying from neglect and abuse

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The Sharing Economy: A Conversation with Neal Gorenflo

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La production de pétrole du groupe Total décline pour la 8ème année

Tags: energy, economics

What is actually going on in Iceland

Tags: europe, economics

Manuel Castells on the rise of alternative economic cultures

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