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Giant Rodents 'Invaded' a Wealthy Gated Community. What Happened Next is a Lesson for Cities in the Climate Change Era

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Finland: Architect’s ephemeral lake art a winter tradition

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Museum Showcases Queer Relationships in the Animal Kingdom

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International Cat Day: Meet Truffles, the kitty who wears glasses to help kids feel better about theirs

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Urban foxes 'more like domesticated dogs'

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Male cat needs glucose drip after mating with five females in one night in pet hotel

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How Antarctica’s Only Native Insect Survives the Freezing Temperatures

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The Invasion of Giant Pythons Threatening Florida

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THIS IS NOT MY CAT! (24 pics)

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Artist Turns Animal Problems Into Cute Comics

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Return of the European bison

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Cat proposed as mayor of Mexican state capital Xalapa

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Walter Tschinkel's Aluminum Casts of Ant Colonies Reveals Insect Architecture

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