March 2024

The hidden potential of bicycles

#bikes #tech

AI hallucinates software packages and devs download them – even if potentially poisoned with malware

Simply look out for libraries imagined by ML and make them real, with actual malicious code. No wait, don't do that

#generative ai #programming #security

Silicon spikes take out 96% of virus particles

An international research team led by RMIT University has designed and manufactured a virus-killing surface that could help control disease spread in hospitals, labs and other high-risk environments.

#health #tech

There is no EU cookie banner law

You mean it's greed? I'm shocked!

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Open Source Software: The $9 Trillion Resource Companies Take for Granted

Many companies build their businesses on open source software, code that would cost firms $8.8 trillion to create from scratch if it weren't freely available. Research by Frank Nagle and colleagues puts a value on an economic necessity that will require investment to meet demand.

#programming #economics

CAPTCHA excludes disabled web users

The W3C explains how CAPTCHA excludes disabled users, and suggests alternatives that may be kinder and more reliable.

#web #accessibility

It's Not Safe to Click Links on X

Unless you're cool if it redirects you somewhere malicious.

#social media #security

Have We Reached Peak AI?

#generative ai #media #ethics

To understand the future of generative AI, we need better language to describe it

#generative ai #games

The Curious Case of the Restaurant That Isn't

#generative ai #advertising

Anyone noticed something different today? I just upgraded this thing to the upcoming ClinkLog 3.0, which isn't released yet, but as you can see works just fine. This should make the index and tag pages a lot easier to follow, and allow better customization. Will update this post with a link once it makes sense to do so.

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Fingers and Toes: Spotting Deepfakes

#generative ai #media

Nielsen needs to think again

#computers #accessibility

Bread in the Middle Ages

Kings, knights, monks, peasants – everyone in the Middle Ages ate bread. It was also the food that caused bitter religious disputes and could make you go insane.

#middle ages #food

Unpicking Dior vs Chanel

Making Nazis look pretty so they can have nice parties is not an admirable act.

#fashion #politics #history

Exclusive: Public trust in AI is sinking across the board

#generative ai #society

We need to talk about Jakob

#tech #accessibility #ethics

'I Stopped Believing in Myself': Game Developers Share the Human Impact of Over a Year of Mass Layoffs

Developers reveal how they’ve been impacted by the layoffs sweeping the games industry.

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