February 2024

Wikipedia No Longer Considers CNET a "Generally Reliable" Source After AI Scandal

"It's infuriating that Red Ventures' decisions have undermined the quality work done by CNET's writers, editors and producers."

#generative ai #publishing

How Stupid Do They Think We Are

Media execs don’t want the sites, they just want the names

#media #ethics

Why is Pop Culture Still So Terrified of Women’s Body Hair?

#gender #media

AI Videos: ******* Psychotic

Last week, OpenAI introduced Sora, a generative video engine that produces high-quality 60-second videos. The reactions echoed the amazement over DALL-E and Midjourney images, a bit over a year ago. Soon enough, these videos will be as omnipresent, look as obvious, feel as cheap, and still seem as eery as AI images.

#generative ai #media

Artificial investment

The frenzied hype around AI kept expectations high. The earnings calls disappointed. 2024 is going to be a year of reckoning.

#generative ai #finance

The kids can't write anymore

Nice rebuke of the titular complaint.

#language #education

Why slow computing was a better learning experience

#computers #education

New Research Reveals That Viking Dentistry Was Surprisingly Advanced

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