September 2023

Pinning point five collapsed, the sea ice barrier buttressing Thwaites and Pine Island Glacier.

Short version: we're already at 2C global warming in the northern hemisphere, and might reach 1.5C globally by the end of the year. Also, half the ice in Antarctica might plunge into the ocean and melt, if not this December then next December. It will raise the ocean level by three meters when that happens. When, not if.

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Who gets to survive and 'rewild' themselves?

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On mobile phones, the small web, and able-bodied privilege

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We’re overworked, and everyone just needs to lie down

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The Age of the Grift Shift

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Britain’s monarchy is dying, and no PR can save it

The world mostly ignored the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, a reminder of how little the royal family means.

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This Spanish city has been restricting cars for 24 years. Here’s what we can learn from it

Pontevedra, Spain, offers some of the best evidence available about what happens when a city is reconfigured to accommodate people, rather than cars.

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In midst of Morocco earthquake chaos, surprising heroes: Villagers’ donkeys

Villagers use donkeys to move rubble out of the way and to get relief supplies to more difficult-to-reach spots.

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Finnish Trains Are What the UK Could Have If It Gave a Shit

Crisps from the snack trolley? Try an omelette from the pub carriage.

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Your car wants to know about your sex life

Cars are increasingly filming, recording and tracking drivers and passengers, new report finds.

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A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

The results show the power of cash transfers to reduce homelessness.

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