Items for June 2023

The Long, Strange Story of How Indiana Jones Got His Hat

Film's most famous fedora—back on big screens now—has a blockbuster-worthy origin story.

Tags: movies, fashion

Shattering the myth of men as hunters and women as gatherers

Tags: society, gender, science

Fast machines, slow machines

Tags: computers, programming

Consent and the fediverse

Tags: social media, ethics

On Being a “Doomer”

“Doomer” is not the right word for someone who is simply paying attention.

Tags: climate, attitudes

How to Kill a Decentralised Network (such as the Fediverse)

Tags: big tech, media, ethics

A new view of the Manchester Computer

Seventy five years ago, the University’s ‘Baby’ computer became the first electronic computer with a read/write memory to run a program. To mark this historic event, Professor Jim Miles (University of Manchester Department of Computer Science) describes how a definitive new image of the Manchester computer was recreated using rediscovered original negatives.

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Reddit is made out of people

What I am saying is that a principle of ‘first do no harm’ is a necessary first step on any journey to profitability.

Tags: social media, ethics

Medieval Table Manners: The Messiest Myth?

Tags: middle ages, culture

Human impact on Earth's tilt leaves researchers 'surprised and concerned'

Groundwater extracted for irrigation and other human activities displaced 2,150 gigatons of water between 1993 and 2010.

Tags: environment, science

Relive the Internet of the ’90s With ‘Neocities’

Build your next website like it's not yet 1999. (Use lots of GIFs.)

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Norway Aims to Open Arctic Waters to Deep-Sea Mining

Norway may soon open waters in the Arctic and sub-Arctic to sea floor mining. The growing demand for important minerals, including copper and nickel, may require this new type of mining, the Norwegian government says.

Tags: environment, business

WTF is Happening? An Overview

Tags: climate, disaster

The Idea of Recycling Plastic is Mostly Greenwashing

A good round-up of recent reveals and what we can do about it.

Tags: environment, ethics

Some blogging myths

Tags: internet, culture

Developers are lazy, thus Flatpak

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