Items for April 2023

The Imgur Apocalypse Is Going to Break Large Parts of the Internet

It’s not just porn that’s getting deleted from Imgur. Millions of images that are embedded elsewhere will also eventually be taken down.

Tags: web, disaster

Demolition of collapsed garage in Lower Manhattan delayed by fears of secondary collapses

Tags: architecture, disaster

Why Silicon Valley is bringing eugenics back

Elon Musk is the most prominent face of the effort to protect tech's privilege

Tags: big tech, racism

Starship Orbital Test Flight Raises Serious Questions

Tags: space, disaster

What are cosy games and which are the best ones?

Games that make you feel a little warm and fuzzy are more popular than ever

Tags: games, culture

Maybe There’s a Better Way to Think About Adaptations

Tags: books, movies

Lit Mags and Money (or the Lack of It)

Some thoughts on genre mags, literary mags, and trying to money on stories

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A love letter to make

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Why Young People In The Uk Are Returning To Anarchism

Amid brazen abuses of state power and growing inequality, anarchist principles have been creeping back into the mainstream. Jak Hutchcraft talks to some of people the leading the charge.

Tags: uk, youth, politics

Column: We can’t afford another writers’ strike. Not Hollywood, not L.A., not the country

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Professional, Professionalism, and Professions...

Tags: work, ethics

My least favorite question in all of tech recruiting

Are you a top, a bottom, or a switcher?

Tags: programming, attitudes

Computer Folks Ignore History

Tags: computers, attitudes

Goodbye Blue Bird.

Tags: social media, art, ethics

In Pictures: Street art murals in Baghdad

Iraqi group of artists paint murals in Al Anbari district inspired by traditional folklore

Tags: middle east, cities, art

The World’s First Named Author Was a Woman

Meet Enheduanna — a high priestess, princess and poet more than four millennia ago.

Tags: books, antiquity

The First Stained-Glass Depiction of Jesus as a Black Man Has Been Discovered in the Window of a Small Rhode Island Church

The window was created by the studios of Henry Sharp, a 19th-century American stained glass maker.

Tags: religion, art

Why libertarian cities fail

Freedom-loving libertarians who build communities under the assumption that natural resources are unlimited discover, to their dismay, that this isn't so.

Tags: environment, politics

The Tone Policing Paradox

Tags: social media, attitudes

‘We may be looking at the end of capitalism’: One of the world’s oldest and largest investment banks warns ‘Greedflation’ has gone too far

Tags: finance, disaster

The Media Isn't Liberal, And It Hasn't Learned Anything From Trump Or Iraq

Ostensibly about mass media in the US, but applies just as well to Romania.

Tags: media, politics