November 2022

Not so fast: Three realities busting the Gen Z attention span myth

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So, when are we going to admit that Marx was probably full of shit?

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World Cup: German FA taking FIFA to Court of Arbitration for Sport over One Love armband ban

The DFB have told Germany captain Manuel Neuer not to wear the OneLove armband in their opening World Cup match against Japan; A quick decision by CAS ruling against the validity of the ban could mean that he would be able to wear the armband against Spain on Sunday.

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Why Twitter Didn’t Go Down: From a Real Twitter SRE

Corrolary: when it does go down, it will go down hard.

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SFPD authorized to kill suspects using robots in draft policy

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Age that kids acquire mobile phones not linked to well-being, says Stanford Medicine study

Stanford Medicine researchers did not find a connection between the age children acquired their first cell phone and their sleep patterns, depression symptoms or grades.

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History of Ecuador

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Let's put it this way: on this strange alien planet called "society", we figure out how to behave by paying attention to those around us and trying to act like them. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes they yell at us, and only forgive us later if at all. You can ask, but people don't always know why a certain custom exists, or aren't very good at explaining. That's life. That's how it works. What did you expect, step-by-step instructions?

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The Bizarre Copyright Battle Over Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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An Open Letter To Men Who Love Women Over 35 — This Is Why We Flinch When You Touch Us

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Lessons from DeviantArt’s AI Debacle

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Programmers really, really need to get that the #1 feature any app needs is to get the job done, period. All else is a detail. If it fails at its most basic task, nothing else matters. Not features, not bling. Want to add a bonus feature I would appreciate? Make your app extra stable. No crashes, no data loss. Most other things are just bloat.

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I saw a poll earlier on Mastodon asking what flavor of leftist people are, if at all: a Communist, socialist, anarchist, or what? And I was like, dunno?! My concern is to make sure people enjoy autonomy and dignity. What label applies?

A lot of leftists only care about high-concept ideas of how society should be organized, and completely forget the point, then act surprised when it all falls apart.

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As its trees come back, Nepal notches a victory against deforestation

Community-managed forests now account for more than one-third of Nepal’s forest cover, which has grown by about 22% since 1988.

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Twitter alternative: how Mastodon is designed to be “antiviral”

Friction is good for you. What a surprise. (Not really.) Speaking of which: dude, IP blocking is a thing, too. Don't push it.

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Who Won the Midterms? Democracy Did — And It Dealt Trumpism a Body Blow

Why the Midterms Were a Remarkable Moment for America — And the World

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Home invasion

Mastodon's Eternal September begins I used the same words only days before. But here's the thing: not in a bad sense.

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These Early 2000s Video Games Really Loved Orientalism. Have Games Improved Since?

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Undefined Isn’t Unpredictable

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The Lesson of Elon Musk’s Twitter? Everything the Far Right Touches Dies.

What Happens When You Give the Keys to the Town Square to the Lunatics?

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Is there any money in writing a novel?

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