Items for July 2022

AMD and Nvidia leaks show we are drunk on power, and the hangover is going to be brutal

The planet may burn but at least the end will be ray-traced at 8K

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The driving force: the story of The Electrical Power Storage Company

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No Sex for You

Life in the metaverse will be tacky, prudish, and dull

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Why MS Word jumped from version 2 to version 6

A good reminder that version numbers are pure marketing, they were always pure marketing, and trying to make them "semantic" misses the point by cosmic distances.

Tags: software, business

Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else?

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This is How the Media is Misleading You on “Technology Addiction”

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A million-word novel got censored before it was even shared. Now Chinese users want answers.

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'Magic mirror': Hidden image revealed in reflection of centuries-old artifact

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Woodtick: The Piratey Town of Monkey Island 2

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How ironic that now I know exactly how to make a good blogging-oriented SSG but don't need one anymore. Oh well, the time will come again.

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Turns out my new journal page is already very popular just a couple of days after coming online. Best decision ever.

On a related note, I got around to mentioning this linklog on my homepage. Let's see if anyone notices.

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Baromètre des ventes juin 2022 : quand la bérézina devient une terrible habitude

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