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How censoring China’s open-source coders might backfire

Many suspect the Chinese state has forced Gitee, the Chinese competitor to GitHub, to censor open-source code in a move developers worry could obstruct innovation.

In all honesty, we should also be worried about MS owning GitHub, and not enough people are.

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Some people talk about digital gardens, linklogs and personal wikis. About how to bring back the Geocities-era web without the baggage. Other people instead speak of profiles, feeds and mentions. Choose wisely.

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How Do You Decolonize The Golden Age Mystery? Read More Historical Fiction!

Our view of any age is limited by what the writers of that age can see of it, and no writer ever has access to all of it at once.

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A modern web payment login process

This is spot-on. Remember when pundits used to promise a future of online payments so seamless as to make brick-and-mortar stores obsolete?

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Designing the City of Glass

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Adventures in Fiction: Roger Zelazny and the Chronicles of Amber

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Business Wargames: Early Complex Text Games

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Toys of a Forgotten Generation

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The time SUSE, the German Linux company, banned mentioning Jewish holidays.

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Giant Rodents 'Invaded' a Wealthy Gated Community. What Happened Next is a Lesson for Cities in the Climate Change Era

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NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain

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Pop Culture Has Become an Oligopoly

(Via the Dragonfly BSD Digest.) I disagree with the attempted explanations, but the statistics are telling. As for the conclusions... Subsisting entirely on cultural comfort food cannot make us thoughtful, creative, or courageous. Yes, exactly!

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