Items for April 2022

Playing It The European Way – A Discussion On The European Gaming Market In The 80s

Tags: games, history

Why Was Erotic Art So Popular in Ancient Pompeii?

A new exhibition spotlights 70 examples of sensual imagery discovered in the Roman city

Tags: history, sexuality

The Technocrat’s Dilemma

(Via the No Tech Magazine.) Even true things shouted from loudspeakers start to sound like lies.

Tags: science, politics

What is it with programmers and their tools? You don't hear carpenters pontificating over the art of the drill, or learning hammer-fu.

Tags: programming, updates

GitHub suspending Russian accounts deleted project history and pull requests

Tags: programming, politics

When a vampire not called Dracula bested the copyright system, and what it tells us about derivative works

Tags: media, law, history

Car rams Russian Embassy gate in Romania, driver dead

Tags: romania, politics

The Problem With Disfigured Villains In Pop Culture

Tags: media, society

Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music

Tags: music, programming

Looney Tunes Without Looney Tunes

Existential, Surreal, And Creepy Backgrounds

Tags: cool, movies