Items for October 2021

Bizarre old posters that taught the early movie-goers the rules and etiquette for watching films, 1912

Tags: media, culture, vintage

Want to See a Modern Country Commit Suicide? Take a Hard Look at Britain

Tags: uk, economics

Black cosplayers are tired of being told who they can and can’t portray

Tags: internet, media, representation

Social media companies kept banning pictures of ‘explicit’ art. So, Vienna museums will now post on OnlyFans.

Tags: internet, art, sexuality

Half a Million South Korean Workers Walk Off Jobs in General Strike

Tags: asia, work

Vintage color postcards capture life in 19th century Tunisia

Tags: africa, vintage, photos

La montagne de déchets électroniques pèsera cette année plus que la Muraille de Chine

"As of this year, the mountain of electronic waste will weigh more than the Great Wall of China."

Tags: tech, environment

Street Views

Long, stunning dive into the history of urban photography at the intersection of technology and society.

Tags: photos, tech, vintage, society, cities

13 Staircases Blanketed with Prismatic Murals Evocative of Andean Textiles Run Through Lima’s Hills

Tags: travel, architecture, photos

The race to save indigenous languages using automatic speech recognition

Tags: language, representation, tech

It seems to me the makers of Wayland want all the clout of becoming the new X11, only without putting in any of the work.

Tags: programming, updates

Firefox Now Sends Your Address Bar Keystrokes to Mozilla

Tags: internet, privacy

.io considered harmful

Tags: internet, politics

When Cities Die

Tags: cities, history, games

Fire at Romanian COVID-19 hospital kills seven people

Tags: romania, health, disaster