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The History Hoard


Two articles I wrote about historical myths in general, and especially women in history:

More have gathered since then:

(see also: The Master List of Historical Women in Combat)

But also:

And the cherry on top:

Then there are other kinds of historical myths, too:

In other news, I once researched historical pirate flags for a story. Ended up not using the information, but it's very cool, a complex visual language:

And speaking of historical pirates:

More generally, history can be very useful to fantasy writers:

Or simply cool:

But mostly it's complicated, and often marred by colonialism:

Otherwise, history has the advantage of being divisible by eras somewhat.


Middle Ages

Renaissance and early modern

Victorian era and Gilded Age

WW1 / WW2 and inter-war

Cold War and post-Communist era


Middle East