Why not Haxe

As of late I've been in a mood to experiment with different programming languages again. It happens to me every now and then. It's fun, and can lead to useful discoveries, or at least new ideas. Got to keep it interesting, you know?

This time I got help. Having mentioned it to a friend, he suggested, why not try Haxe?

As it happens, this wasn't my first time checking out Haxe, and I wasn't too impressed in the past. But hey, another look can't hurt, right? So I spent an evening doing just that.

Spoiler: it didn't work out. On the plus side:

Unfortunately, the downsides are many and bigger. Where do I even begin.

Forgot to mention that as it turns out, Haxe is the kind of language where all the code goes in classes, and each class goes in its own file that must have the exact same name. Yo, that's arguably the worst misfeature in Java, not an example to follow. Good code organization, anyone?

Also, that's not explained anywhere in the manual either. Oops!

Experiments are good. They don't even have to be successful to be good. But, uh, maybe get the basics right before worrying about fancy features. Hard pass.