Welcome to BaCon Forth, a direct-interpreted Forth written in the eponymous Basic dialect with the express purpose of providing a native scripting engine that's tightly integrated with the host language. To achieve that, BaCon Forth differs from other dialects in important ways, though it sticks with the standard ANS vocabulary where possible.

BaCon Forth is mostly of interest to BaCon programmers. That said, it brings some novel ideas to the table. The language comes with a relatively small vocabulary by default, of 72 words as of version 0.8 beta, most of them concerned with math, defining, compiling and processing input. See the overview for more details.


BaCon Forth 0.8 beta (47K) is available under the MIT License. See the source code for full text. It comes as a single-file library, that can also be compiled by itself and will open to an interactive loop. You can build it anywhere BaCon itself runs, which is in theory any Unix-like platform with a C compiler and modern shell (preferably Bash), with default options. A binary for 64-bit Linux (PC) is included, along with support instructions.

Special thanks to the BaCon community for the interest and encouragement.


As of 22 November 2019, BaCon Forth is in beta. While usable, it lacks tests and documentation. Error checking is also limited. If you can, watch the forum for updates.