Basic forever

Frabjous FreeBasic

Couldn't say when I first found FreeBasic. Didn't do much with it at first, most likely. I only took it for a serious test drive years later, thinking it would let me make good quality games without external libraries. But it doesn't work that way.

FreeBasic started as the open source clone of an influential MS product, but it has long outgrown its roots. It's now a systems programming language with a feature set between that of C and C++:

It also has a very clean syntax, if somewhat verbose: an important feature all by itself.

Game ports

As of late September 2023, I completed FreeBasic ports of Lost in the Jungle and Space Cruiser Orion.


Tip: With the -lang qb option, or the #lang "qb" pragma, you can still enter code similar to what QBasic used to accept. This helps with porting code to / from other modern dialects.