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Batch Basic manual


Batch Basic - expression calculator with OS shell features


batchbas [-h] [-V] [-b] [-r code] [file [file ...]]


Batch Basic is a command-line expression calculator based on a trimmed-down dialect of the eponymous programming language. This manual page deals with command-line options; for instructions on using Batch Basic in interactive mode, please refer to the built-in help available after starting the program.


Load the standard library and check that we're using the system-wide gcc:

$ batchbas stdlib.bas --run 'print startswith(shell("which", "gcc"), "/usr/bin")'


Batch Basic will load any files given as command-line arguments, in order, before entering interactive mode. An error will only stop the loading of the current file, and continue with the next one. Other options may alter this behavior.

-b, --batch

Exit after loading the files given as arguments.

-h, --help

Show a list of command-line options with brief explanations, then exit.

-r CODE, --run CODE

After loading any given files, run CODE and exit. Implies -b.

-V, --version

Show current version number and exit without doing anything else.


This manual applies to version 2017-02-28 (alpha) of the interpreter.


Written by Felix Ple┼čoianu.


This software is open source under the MIT License. Use at your own risk.