Fictionally interactive

Kitty and the Sea

Minimal, abstract art depicting a cat's paw print overimposed on a seascape: seagulls gliding over the water, under a warm sun.
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Take two old areas from a text-based virtual world. Stitch them together with new content; flesh out and brush up the old. Add a handful of minimal, abstract illustrations for good measure.

The result is Kitty and the Sea, a hypertext walking simulator about loneliness; a short story where nothing happens because the good days are past.

It's a surreal, dream-like piece, with a touch of steampunk for good measure. Feel free to find your own meanings in it. Every little bit has deep roots however, and carries precious memories. Hopefully that comes through.

For players

Kitty and the Sea can be played online or downloaded right here (155K). It should work in any desktop browser released in mid-2018 or later.

For fellow authors

Kitty and the Sea is made with Tweego (version 2.0), using the new Chapbook format. The source code is a single, stand-alone file that can be compiled with no special options. It's available under the Artistic License 2.0.