Fictionally interactive

City of Dead Leaves

Game cover depicting superimposed urban scenes featuring old buildings, people and trees.
There's nothing left in your life. There's nothing left in anyone's life. Will he even remember you after all this time? Will he want you back?

City of Dead Leaves is a short, easy interactive fiction mood piece about someone looking for their lost love in a post-apocalyptic city. See the IFDB page for more info.

A little background: this game started life as my home area on Puggy MUSH, itself based on a very vivid dream I could never quite forget, and was ported to several other virtual worlds, including Seltani. Then it occurred to me that I could drape a narrative layer over the map and make it available to a wider audience. Here's the result.

Play online

As of , there’s a Texture edition (also on This edition is now canonical.

As of , two small errors are now fixed thanks to a diligent reviewer: you can go back out in the street after entering the house (not needed to win, but nice to have), and a typo is no more.

As of , there's a port to the Ramus authoring system, that restores some of the text cut from the original implementation (see below).


City of Dead Leaves was originally implemented in Alan 3. The story file and source code (55K) are also available from the IFArchive.

You’ll need a suitable interpreter (Gargoyle works well) in order to play it. The game comes with source code under the Artistic License 2.0, including a minimal standard library you can use to make your own. Beware of spoilers!

Speaking of spoilers, see the walkthrough by David Welbourn. Thank you so much, David!

Game map

Interactive fiction map depicting a city street and adjacent buildings abstractly, with labeled boxes connected by lines.
The overground portion of the game, drawn in Zinnia. See source code.