Fictionally interactive

Catch That Cat

Game cover depicting a cartoon cat entering a dark room through a door that lights everything from behind.

Catch That Cat is a small, easy text adventure that tries to have some retro sensibilities while doing away with the typical old-school annoyances. It's also one of those rare games that take place in the real world and the present day: just an urban slice of life about ordinary people.

For the record, the apartment in the game is not mine, though it's based on a couple of real ones. The cat’s by and large fictional.

Cover art is by Paula Istrate.


Catch That Cat started life as the demo game for the Jaiffa library, and can still be played in that edition. However, one of these is recommended if you want to actually play as opposed to learning about the innards of text adventure engines:

As of 2 July 2019, only the Alan 3 edition ships with source code; I'll see about correcting this imbalance.