Thinking before posting



The plan is not to post too often here, to stave off the fatigue so often associated with social media, especially as of late. As with any blog however, there are things to get out of the way early on.

For one, shout out to Alex Schroeder a.k.a. Kensanata, creator of the OddMuse wiki software that I use on my gaming website. More importantly, he's my favorite blogger right now when it comes to internet communities and politics. Comes with the territory: wikis were initially a kind of community, and much of the (social) theory that now applies to anything online was first developed in that particular medium. Too bad most of them have forgotten their roots, and lost that spirit; Wikipedia is a sad case. Wikia, for all the criticism leveled against them, still remembers, and it shows. So does TVTropes.

This is a blog though, and to be honest the technical side of things concerns me more. Such as how to help more people retake their voice from corporations. Sadly, the industry-standard solution proved to be a trap, despite its open source nature, and software like the one I use now requires command-line skills, not to mention an operating system that isn't Windows. It also takes knowing the difference between the computer on one's own desk and a remote server, and how to copy files from one to the other. A difference most people don't seem to get anymore, and that's outright dangerous.

Here's the enemy then: ignorance. But how do you educate entire generations who grew up thinking they're not supposed to need any knowledge about the world they live in? Worse, that someone else will take care of everything, for free? Because, isn't it, there are no other kinds of costs than money...

We're facing an uphill battle. Might even be a lost cause from the start. But to not even try would be even worse. So here I am.


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