Survived another solstice



Survived another solstice, and I have little to say about it. Doesn't help that I've moved my personal blogging elsewhere for the most part. A place where complete strangers care for a change. Kind of awesome, really.

So let's see... I've been writing, my first substantial piece of fiction in almost two years. Going to put it online under pseudonym however. One less thing on this website. It's not like it gets many visitors anymore. I've been mostly keeping it for the e-mail address. That and the vanity.

Been reading, too. The Demon-Haunted World, by Carl Sagan. A book published when I finished high school. Got it from a friend. She's big into paranormal phenomena, you see. If only more people genuinely wanted to know. There are many paths to the truth.

Speaking of which: early into the ongoing health crisis, all experts said a vaccine couldn't be brought to market until March, maybe even June 2021. You can't rush these things, you know, any more than you can rush a pregnancy. But don't you dare point out how an experimental vaccine, of a type never before tried, that raises huge logistical issues (the last thing we need in our predicament), maybe shouldn't have been rushed to market no matter how big the urgency. You know, like all other manufacturers refused to.

Apparently pointing all that out makes me "anti-vaccines". As opposed to, you know, healthily skeptical. Suit yourselves then, folks. But brace for impact.

Speaking of which: we had (legislative) elections earlier this month. In a perversion of all that people voted for, the disaster government that's been driving Romania through 2020 (bumping into every fence along the way) was replaced by a new one that can only be labeled as apocalyptic. That's what the upcoming recession will look like in places with a competent leadership doing all it can to avoid a collapse, anyway. Here? I have no words.

Happy holidays, folks. Enjoy while you still can. I mean that without a shred of irony. We'll soon need every warm, fuzzy memory we can still hold on to.


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