Stop forcing tech on us



I was forced to get a Twitter account for a job I ended up not taking. Same with GitHub. Meanwhile, I've come to regret growing dependent on them, for all there were some good things as well. You know, between one becoming a rat nest and the other getting bought by the enemy.

As of a few years ago, I've been forced to have a Discord account, for similar reasons. And use it way more than is reasonable. Now all of a sudden I'm forced to use 2FA to access some features they decided to "secure better".

As an aside: two-factor authentication (2FA for short) is the worst kind of security theater invented by an industry that's rife with that sort of crap. It protects the wrong thing in the wrong way. Password cracking, you see, only works in Hollywood movies, for two reasons:

  1. in real life it's trivially defeated with a short timeout after each attempt;
  2. exploiting security holes, or for that matter insider knowledge, is easier.

2FA is however great at locking out the legitimate user of an account. Which is emblematic of tech and what it's doing to us, pardon, for us nowadays.

Why the hell do I have to use certain proprietary services just to work with a given team? And different proprietary services with everyone on top of that! That just begs for problems. Such as the recent break-in at WattPad, where I had an unused account (that I deleted altogether now). Never mind how they were probably spying on me in the first place and selling the usage data. They all do.

This practice causes other kinds of damage, too. In order to start using Discord a few years ago, I had to change my browser. And my workflow. And it may have pushed my old hard drive over the brink with all the constant swapping. While a good old IRC client can likely run on literal toasters. So can an IRC server.

Yo, techie. Your fave proprietary shithole of a service is bad and you should feel bad. It will be bought next year anyway and made worse than it already is. And forcing me into online servitude to yet another landlord just so you can keep chasing the latest fad?

That's actively hostile towards your prospective team-mates. And my patience is running out.


Tags: technology, disaster