Sick and tired



I'm sick and tired of people uncritically defending everything that's been going on for the past 13 months. Yes, there are scientists at work. No, that doesn't mean everything is above the table, or in good hands.

I'm sick and tired of people uncritically supporting every measure taken with the declared intent to curb the pandemic, but without explaining how it's supposed to help... or checking if it's actually working at all, never mind well.

I'm sick and tired of so-called skeptics uncritically believing anything supposed experts supposedly said... without even checking. You know that's the opposite of science, right?

That's enough, all of you. Cut it out.

Thankfully, it looks like these vaccines are safer than the initial panic made them look, even after being rushed to market with insufficient testing. That's great. So glad I was wrong about them.

It's still no reason to implement fascist measures like "vaccine passports". And by the way: we know they're in fact safe thanks to published, reviewed studies. Not because someone said so quoting some unnamed expert.

I still say those studies should have been made before bringing these vaccines to market. But we're at least partly to blame. Who clamored for deliverance from the dread virus when experts were telling us research can't be rushed?

We don't really listen to experts, do we. We treat them like religious figures, expecting their blessing for whatever we've already decided to do, and acting confused or pretending we didn't hear otherwise.

Well, stop pretending. Enough with the hypocrisy. I've had it up to here.


Tags: pandemic, politics, science, education, freedom