September and such



This may be my only blog post this month, and it's not about any one thing.

Turns out Chris Aldrich saw my recent write-ups and replied on his own website, here and here. Cue assumptions and lack of understanding. Suit yourself, but know that other people also discovered the IndieWeb movement with delight, only to give up disappointed once they dug a little bit deeper.

(By the way, notice how I didn't need WebMentions to find out, but simply to check my referrals. Funny how that goes.)

In unrelated news, I got fan mail! Had forgotten what that was like, it's been way too long. Turns out people still use RSS after all. And something tells me my site-wide newsfeed, which has been there years before this blog, may well outlast it. Low-tech endures. Even when it's a little fiddly to use. That's called friction. Friction is good for you.

Got new friends too. The timing is kind of bad. Not feeling social these days. It's still all online, too. Glad to have y'all anyway. While it lasts.

The world is burning, and politicians are feeding the flames with our bodies.


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