It's not how safe the vaccines are



So, one of my favorite bloggers just posted an in-depth analysis of the risks posed by the virus versus the vaccine, based on official data from the Swiss government. I trust Alex, and the Swiss government must be competent enough. No idea how the figures apply to other countries, but things can't be that much different given the kind of ratios we're talking (see below).

To wit: it turns out the virus is ten times more dangerous than the vaccines, so the math is very much in favor of getting vaccinated if you can. But! It also turns out the vaccines are ten times more dangerous than we were told, and that's the problem here. You know why? Because we were lied to. And that means saying good bye to trust. Which is a key ingredient of society, and even more so of the doctor-patient relationship.

By the way: remember at first when many were like "the vaccines are safe, you dolt! Just get any of them in you!" and then reports started pouring in? Turns out, that was irresponsible in the extreme. In a recent interview, Dr. Alexandru Rafila, Romania's most trusted medical expert right now, said very clearly: first talk to your doctor.

You don't subject people to risk on purpose without weighing the options first.

That has another side, too: I said the virus is ten times more dangerous than the vaccine. And never mind that relative figures lie: one person is still a victim. But what does that ratio mean, exactly? It refers to how bad it can be if you do get the virus. But will you? People seem to assume that everyone will sooner or later, but that's absurd. So what are the chances that an ordinary person who takes reasonable precautions, like working from home, avoiding crowds and so on, will get the virus anyway?

Nobody's talking about that. It's all "be responsible! get stung!" gung-ho crap.

Responsible towards whom? You can still transmit the virus. Wear a mask.


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