Rounding out April



So, I guess this blog is officially back to life. The question is what to post going forward, to avoid falling back into the negativity hole. And it just so happens that DeviantArt broke their site badly with their latest update. Which wouldn't be such a big loss if I hadn't foolishly made some exclusive blog posts about writing over there. Whose backup copies I just lost in a hard drive failure.

So, as of next month I'll be mirroring those posts here. It was silly anyway, wasn't it: a writer's blog that had little if anything on it about writing!

This of course assumes my spare PC holds, which is by no means a given, and there's no way I can fix or replace anything until mid-May when the lockdown is lifted around here. Got to limit my screen time and take it easy while at the keyboard. And this site, being static, has a bit of a problem: it's not so easy to update from a phone.

Good thing it's not exactly urgent to post updates either, on a site largely meant for semi-permanent content. Got to keep reminding myself of that, after so many years spent on social media. Which, by the way, the same phone is equipped to access for a change, being a communication device.

So yeah, you know where to find me in the mean time. For the moment, enjoy the new link catalogue, which has grown much bigger than expected since two posts ago. And there's still plenty of work to do! But I just completed a major stage in what turned out to be a year-long project already, which does wonders for morale.

Running out of words here. Be well, and thanks for reading. Until next time!


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