Reinventing the webbed wheel



Yesterday, Drew DeVault wrote a scathing critique of Firefox, or rather Mozilla. He's not the only one as of late. What I can't understand is everyone's insistence that the web is finished and we should all move to Gemini instead. It doesn't follow. Not at all. Y'all do know that Lynx is still maintained, right? So is w3m. Oh, you wanted some graphics too? Links2 lives as well. And there are more little browsers out there, that could be forked and revived if we need them to pick up the slack.

No, none of them can replace Web 2.0; that is indeed finished. But then, neither could Gemini.

So why the insistence? No, you couldn't write Lynx in a weekend, the way you can a Gemini browser. How is that an argument?

I recently completed a comparative study of three programming languages, disguised as a roguelike port. Took me three weeks. And it was a flight of fancy. Fooling around with toys. Could've been three months otherwise.

How short is the average hacker's attention span these days?

Here's a hint: started last summer, the Gemini protocol fizzled out quickly, and remained dormant until this spring, when a post on Hacker News rekindled the flame. Half a year later, it's already dying down again.

That's often the case with reinvented wheels. And I keep hearing how sometimes the wheel needs to be reinvented. Funny how people have trouble coming up with even halfway decent examples.


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