I was hoping to get another post in by the end of the month. Not so much expecting it would be on my new static site generator. Once again, this blog becomes a test ground for bigger things. Not for the sake of it, however! There are several benefits to the switch:

  • old posts are now in the correct order again;
  • archives are per-year instead of one long list growing forever;
  • I can has pages in addition to posts;
  • the newsfeed now carries full post content;
  • no more advertising for a certain social media giant on every page.

That's in addition to less visible changes such as flexible themes with better metadata (and better control thereof), including microformats for those who care (which should be everyone seeing how search engines love them). Detaching post slugs from titles should help too.

Even better, the blog's expected lifespan is now roughly 60% longer, and I can extend it even more by slowing down, or setting up a sideblog for shorter posts. While preserving all permalinks and even the newsfeed location. (Don't you hate it when they move around without a redirect?)

But I'll cut this short as befits the new theme. Thanks for still being with me.


Tags: blog, software