Pandemics and precautions



To all the moralizing assholes out there who are trying to make me feel guilty for being human:

Yes, we know the danger still lingers, and will remain for a long time yet.

Yes, we're still taking basic precautions, masks and all. Of course we are.

No, we're not going to act like survivors in a zombie movie. We must go on, come hell or high water. We have to live our lives. Yes, with all the danger around us. That how every living being has lived since there was life on Earth.

As for the increasingly absurd and arbitrary restrictions our respective governments keep imposing? Isn't it clear yet that none of them was at all effective? Sweden's much-criticized strategy wasn't some miracle cure... but it wasn't a complete disaster either. In fact, some countries that imposed harsh restrictions did little better than Sweden (see Romania), or for that matter much worse. Funny that. Seems the trick is to have any strategy at all.

So how about you stop with the holier-than-thou attitude. I avoid maskless people too, but it's just too hard to stay away from everyone all the time, for many reasons. And it's not going to save me. It's all a roll of the dice anyway. I avoid public transport too. Haven't gone anywhere interesting in 18 months. And it's destroying me, while doing little for my chances not to catch the virus.

If you're so convinced that hiding in a bunker is so important, why don't you do it and let the rest of us "recklessly" go outside to die.

Oh wait: it's because you're not in fact thinking of our well-being. You just want to control us. And the pandemic is giving you the ideal pretext.

Funny how it always boils down to patterns of abusive behavior, isn't it?


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