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New decade, still no hope

20 January 2020 — Felix Ple┼čoianu

We're two-thirds through January, and the only reason I'm posting today at all is, my blog has been around for a year and a half now, and I didn't want this one to be the first skip month. You can expect a lot of them going forward; better than all the negativity this past year was filled with. I broke my previous year's resolution SO badly. And things can only go downhill from here.

Please don't ask me to be hopeful about a year and a decade that started with an entire continent of Planet Earth being literally on fire.

Now that's a fiery end to climate change denial, assuming there was any of it left. Too bad people keep digging themselves even deeper into the hole, while asking defiantly, "and what do you want ME to do?"

Gee, I dunno, maybe STOP DIGGING first, then we can see about getting out, hmm?

Then again, that's people for you. Sometimes it's not clear how to solve a problem, while it's very obvious what DOESN'T work. Yet it's exactly what people keep doing, and you just try suggesting a search for better alternatives. "We should improve society somewhat." Sounds familiar?

Funny how preserving the status quo always mobilizes the most effort. Even if it also preserves suffering and hardships. That's how terrified people are of change.

And so we keep digging ourselves deeper by the moment, while insisting it's somehow essential for our continued existence. So definitely don't try to stop us, or even get us to slow down! We're going to viciously attack you.

After all, nothing can possibly be more important than appearances to a bunch of apes with big eyes. We'd literally rather die than lose face. And yes, I used to think ritual suicide was the height of bravery, too. Now I think it's the height of cowardice.

So be it then. I'm tired of fighting. And funny how people judge you harshly for that, too, even though they don't want you to fight. But they do want to judge you, and if anything people love hypocrisy even more than the status quo.

It's not climate change that will do us in. More likely, that will just give us a pretext to finally all kill each other like we always wanted to and couldn't.

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